Master Your Food Delivery Business With New Launched Bite Squad Clone App Features

Your work desk is chaos. Looks like some hurricane has passed, with no time to pee, let alone that cheesy Macdonald’s burger to grab. Wait, and that’s when you pulled out your phone and place an order using an on-demand food delivery app. Jesus! When you are relishing that burger and sending hundreds of thankyous to that app like Bite Squad. You must have realized how important these online food delivery apps have become.

Thus, building a Bite Squad Clone App can be highly beneficial especially when you know the target audience and launch accordingly.

Who Can Be Your Target Audience For Your Bite Squad Clone App

Your target audience will be:

  • Busy working professionals have no time to cook
  • Disabled who find it hard to cook nutritional meals
  • Super busy moms who are juggling her family, house chores, and kids, leaving very little time to cook
  • Corporate offices often throw lunch/dinner parties for their colleagues. Also when they are arranging some kind of office event
  • Tourists who are visiting the city and looking for the best food in town
  • Students who are staying as PGs and not allowed to cook in their rooms
Master Your Food Delivery Business With New Launched Bite Squad Clone App Features

Bite Squad Clone App Makes Your Users To Permanent Customers

When developing Bite Squad Clone App, there are few things to keep in mind. Your first impression of your users and will be enabling them to your forever customers. Follow the tips to become the most favored food ordering app for the users:

Timely deliveries

A hungry user is an “Angry” user. Users do not like to wait on food. It makes them angry and irritated. Thus, make sure that the delivery fleet you are hiring understands the commitment of delivering the food on time. Timely deliveries are of utmost importance that can make or break your Bite Squad Clone App.

Promo codes

We all love discounts. To lure more users and to make them your permanent customers, offer them promo codes especially those who are regularly using the food delivery app. Thus, more and more users will download your app and order the food.

Reduced subscription fee

This can be another attraction for converting users to customers. Offer them a subscription that comes with privilege benefits at a reduced fee. This way more and more users will get onboard, downloading your app widely.

Loyalty programs

This can give a good boost to your customer base. Let the word out about the loyalty program and witness the influx of the users downloading Bite Squad Clone App.

Best customer service

Have integrated in-app chat/call customer service. This way resolving the issues of your users immediately will increase your app downloads. Furthermore leading to a loyal customer base. Delight your customers with great food delivery service and be there when they need a resolution.

Integrate Bite Squad Clone App With New Version Features

Having routine features won’t take your app to the level you want. Thus, integrating it with the following features will generate your revenue and boost the customer base:

Uploading kitchen pictures

This feature allows the restaurant owners to upload their kitchen pictures, as well as go live for the users. This way they can show their COVID19 Safety practices to the user thus building trust in them.

Voice note for delivery drivers

The user can put added voice note for the delivery drivers carrying specific instructions if any for the food deliveries.

Item name searching

This enables a quick search to the user allowing them to trace the food item immediately. Thus helping them place an order quickly.

Restaurant wise commission

The feature allows the admin to change the commission depending on the increasing and decreasing demands of the orders.

Day wise separate time slots

It allows adjusting the operational hours and days accordingly suiting your food delivery requirements.

In Conclusion

These days, people are looking for easy ways to get their work done and that includes food ordering. To make your food delivery business tech-savvy build Bite Squad Clone App that can be launched in just 5 days. Research about your niche audience and integrate the above-mentioned features you can very well master your food delivery business in a short time.