How Do Brands Run Ads on TikTok Application?

TikTok is not only a social media platform, but it is used as a marketing tool in this digital era. Many marketers are using the TikTok app to grow their businesses. It has billions of active users, which is why all marketers choose to sell their brands. If you are a business person/marketer, post many videos on TikTok. It will help to make the users aware of your presence. In addition, check the likes and views of your post to know the engagement. You can even use tiktok counter app to stay updated with your live count and improve your video’s content. Finally, run ads on TikTok to create awareness for your brand and develop your business.

There are different types of ads available on TikTok medium. Choose the best one to promote your brand. If you need more tips to run ads on TikTok, read this article and learn the steps to run ads on the TikTok application.

Why are TikTok Ads Important?

Advertising on TikTok is essential for marketing your brand. You can use TikTok ads to create awareness for your brands. It gives a chance for all marketers to make the users know their presence. But more importantly, you should post more interesting ads to grab the audience’s attention. It brings many people to purchase your brand if you add a call to action. This is why TikTok ads are essential for brands.

Types of Ad Formats 

TikTok Ads will be helpful for brands, and there are about six types of formats. They are as follows:

  • In-Feed: 

In-feed ads appear between the feeds when the users scroll to see the content. Users can also like, share, and comment on the ads. Thus it supports your engagement on this TikTok medium. 

  • Top View: 

This type of ad mainly expands the exposure of your brand. It occupies the feed post for 3 seconds and displays the ads for 60 seconds with sound, and it will autoplay. So add valid points to grab the user’s attention.

  • Brand Takeover:

Brand takeover ads will take over the screen to display the details. It will also display in the ‘For You Page’ as videos, images, or GIFs with some links to direct users to the website. Mainly, it will help create brand awareness and drive more sales. 

  • Hashtags Challenges:

These branded hashtags ads are another famous one to enhance your brand’s fame. Many brands use this as an ideal for achieving success in marketing. It will support you in growing your business soon.

  • Branded Effects:

Branded effects allow its users to design the ad with different filters using this app. It will last up to a time limit of 10 days and gain engagement. 

  • Influencer Ads:

Partnering with an influencer to promote your brands is called influencer ads. It paves the way to increase awareness for the brand on TikTok.

Ad Account 

The first step is to create an ad account to run ads on TikTok. Add your E-mail address to get the verification code. Select sign-up and on the new page, fill out the required details. Next, it will allow creating campaigns for your brand. Research and start to post ads to reach the target users. Try to run ads by giving your full efforts and enhancing your visibility. If you do, it will surely help to grow your business on TikTok. 

Set up a Campaign 

The campaign level is the initial step you must follow to create ads. Specify your campaign name, objectives, and budget. Objectives will be included with the view and traffic. You can also post multiple videos on TikTok to enhance your reach on this app. Check the live likes and views and know the engagement accurately. Additionally, try to utilize TikTok Counter to compare and know the live views and likes for your posts to win over your competitors. Next, log in to the ad Manager, and add the name and objectives according to your goal. For instance, if you want to increase traffic, choose objective as the needed one. Following this will support you in getting good traffic for your campaign. 

Ad Group 

You can specify the ad placements, target audience, optimization goals, budgets, and ad groups using this ad group level. First, select the place where the ads want to appear. Next, target the audience using demographics that include age, gender, language, behavior, and interests. Finally, set the budget for the campaign to run ads. You can choose either a daily or lifetime budget. The schedule will specify and end the ads automatically. 

Create Ads

Ad creation is very easy in TikTok. It has two forms, and they are videos and images. TikTok has an ad limit of 20 ads up to ad groups. Choose the format and add the ad details to create the ad. You must create a thumbnail image for video ads to escalate your online presence. Remember to add the text and effects to impress the users. If you focus well and create ads on TikTok, it will help to grow your brand on this medium.

Track the Results 

The last step to getting successful in your campaigns is tracking the ads’ results. Checking the results can help you know whether your ads are working well. If it gets successful, follow the same strategy or else change. If you follow, you can get success in promoting your brand on TikTok. 

Last Glance  

TikTok ads can help all marketers to achieve success in their businesses. If you want to enhance your reach among the target audience, start to know the types of ad formats. Next, create an ad account to create ads. Set up the campaigns and post multiple videos to enhance user engagement. Leverage TikTokCounter to know the accurate likes and views counts. If you do, it will help to reach your target audience.  

Use the ad group to specify your ads’ target audiences and budget. Finally, track the results and win over your competitors. Follow these steps to create ads and get success in your business.

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