Top 7 Ideas to Build the Wine Cellar of Your Dreams

Robert Louis Stevenson correctly opined, “Wine is bottled poetry.” If you are a wine enthusiast, there’s no turning back. You know the thrill you feel when you go wine shopping in your hometown at home or when you’re travelling abroad. So, for that special wine bottle in a small enoteca(read: wine repository) in Houston is a treasure hunt on its own.

Fine wine doesn’t need an occasion – it just happens when you pop the cork! Regardless if you’re someone who loves entertaining people at a barbecue with some ‘Merlot’ or some ‘Chardonnay ‘or if you’re considering the idea of building a wine cellar in your house to spoil yourself, taking care of these ideas and hacks are sure to spark your creativity:

1. Create A Cooling System

 Regardless of the size of your dream wine cellar, it will need a cooling system. This is to ensure that the temperature of that space is kept well controlled. One way to go about it might be to install a mini-split AC on the exterior wall. But, if you are opposed to the idea of having a visible cooling unit in your storage unit, you may also select a ducted cooling system instead. Apart from this, use a hygrometer to keep a check on the humidity and temperature levels regularly.

2. Choose The Style

Express your style when building your dream wine cellar with some spectacular wine cellar design. Decide on the overall aestheticsand a traditional or modern minimalist style to make the unit look one of a kind. For a more modernized look, you may try using dark undertones to give it a sleeker look. Or to make it a bit classier, you may pick a rustic design by usinga polished wooden finish. You may also add some extravagant personalized designs to a classic wooden wine rack. Or try adding a dash of flair to the space. This is no small feat. But one way of ensuring to ensure that your dream cellar doesn’t seem out of place is to consider that the décor you’re going for is in sync with your home or your place of business.

3. Keep The Colors In Mind

When we talk about colors in wine cellars, lots of people still think of the generic lines of brown, gold, bronze, copper, and the like. If you take a look at a commercial wine-tasting room, there usually are present rustic shades and undertones with one primary hue and- wooden surfaces with a bit of yellow here and there. Now it’s a challenge to sort out different colors for custom wine cellars. With that being said, don’t hesitate to use bold colors to liven up your wine cellar and use it throughout.

4. Choose The Right Glass Door

“Just make sure you use the right glass for optimal wine storage, and be conscious of what is exposed”, says designer Michelle Morgan Harrison. You can choose between a glass and a wooden door for your wine cellar. As they are more alluring, glass doors offer the perfect appeal for your dream wine cellar. But, it must have sufficient thickness to prevent air movement. Make sure it is tempered and UV-coated to diminish the effect of UV radiation on the wine bottles. Insulated glass for the wine cellar door can also provide increased protection, especially with double panes.  For your interest in Bellaire, Conroe, Friendswood, Pearland TX Wine cellars and to feel inspired, get in touch with the experts. Wine Cellars of Houston is where come across the much-preferred wine cellar near me with an awesome design.

5. Choose The Appropriate Lighting

Steer clear of inadequate or insufficient lighting one of the most common mistakes when building your dream wine cellar- incorrect or insufficient lighting. It’s important to limit the glow and glare in the cellar to a minimum. Direct sunlight and bright lighting may destroy the quality of the wine.If you want your collections to age well, keep the inside of the cellar as dark as possible. Thus, when you’re storing wine for a long period, it is essential to make the cellar as dark as possible. Are you now ready to leap to gift yourself the wine cellar of your dreams? Because whether it is a weekend party with friends around or a formal get-together with a bunch of your office colleagues, the wine cellar can showcase and reflect your style. So, get your creative juices flowing!

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