5 Ideas To Buy The Best Living Room Curtains

You are looking for the best curtains for your living room, and it has crossed your mind to buy them online, without leaving home and with total comfort. Do you already know all the options that you have at your disposal that can dress up your windows? Here you have 5 ideas in the form of different models to buy the best living room curtains.

Our selection of the best living room curtains is made based on several factors. On the one hand, the functionality of the product, with quality fabrics that react to light and sunlight. Saaria take into account the different decorative styles that a living room can have, and of course the ease of assembly and the good price of the product without being at odds with its quality.

Online stores specialized in blinds, blinds and curtains for all rooms in the house have customer service that helps the buyer with everything they need to know: how to take measurements, what to take into account for installation and extras that must be added depending on whether the curtains are going to be placed in one part or another of the window.

And how do you know if the colours are just like the photos? For this, to be able to choose the colour without fear of mistakes, online stores have a free sample delivery service , through which we will receive small scraps of fabric at home that will give us a more ‘real’ idea of ​​the product we are going to buy. It must be taken into account that since these are custom products, returns are not accepted.

But let’s go with the proposals! Take a look at the best living room curtains .

Double living room curtains: the most functional two in one

Our first proposal for a living room, especially with large windows and without exterior blinds, is the double living room curtains model . A two for one in roller blinds that allows us to have two fabrics in a single blind.

The usual thing is to combine an opaque blind (which completely closes the passage of light) with a screen or translucent blind, with which we will achieve clarity from the outside and even without losing the views in the case of choosing a screen fabric (microperforated ).

Double living room curtains are purchased to measure , and can be installed on the ceiling or wall. They can also be purchased motorized, with remote control or push-button operation. If you choose traditional chain blinds, it can be made of plastic or metal and as for colours, you will find countless combinations to choose from.

A personal touch in the form of a phrase or image

The second proposal with printed curtains is designed for those who are looking for that more personal touch, who gets different, modern curtains or roller blinds, and that draw the attention of a living room at the same time that they fulfill their function. Reflect your most personal tastes in the curtain with the print of:

  • A phrase : Motivational, to say good morning, friendly, the phrase from your favorite book or movie, an important phrase in your life… Whatever you most want to read every time you lower the blind.
  • An image : In online stores there are many catalogs to choose curtains printed with images of all kinds: from a mountain landscape to a beach, a river or a Zen combination. Also fruits, coffee and all kinds of food, or the most diverse prints.
  • Your favourite photo : You can send that photo that you like so much (birthday, trip, wedding photo, etc.) and it will appear printed on the living room curtain.
  • Your favourite character : There are also catalogs specialized in music or film actors among which you can find your favorite character. And, if it doesn’t appear, look for a quality image and send it to the sales team. Choose the fabric for the curtain (screen, opaque or translucent), take the height and width measurements, and that’s it!

The oriental touch of Japanese panels

The perfect living room curtains in the case of having an oriental style decoration are the Japanese panels . In addition to the fact that they can also be used to separate rooms, they are very easy to install and give a modern touch that attracts attention.

Japanese panels can be placed, like roller blinds, on the ceiling or wall. The cloths, which can be between 2 and 5, have a lower bag with a counterweight and a velcro on the upper part to adhere to the rail’s cloth holder. They can be collected on the right, left, or both sides.

When calculating the measurements, it must be taken into account that the panels overlap each other by 2.5 centimeters. You can also request prints , with an image that you like. A very important proposal to take into account for a living room.

The game of bands in the blinds night and day

Not so much for large windows, although there are also night and day curtains . This product stands out because it plays with the combination of horizontal bands of various colours, which can be either two or three. Perfect for regulating the entry of light!

Each night and day curtain will alternate between transparent and opaque horizontal stripes or the chosen fabric. They can be purchased with or without a drawer, in standard measurements (more economical) or completely adapted to the window, with a maximum width in some models of 180 centimeters. Take a look here at the waves model , which gives a totally different look.

The night and day blinds are installed on the ceiling or wall, also with brackets of up to 20 centimeters in case you want them to be further away from the window. Some custom models can be motorized, and in this case they can be raised and lowered using a button or remote control.

Combine living room curtains with roller blinds or blinds

As a last proposal, and very elegant and attractive, although perhaps less modern, perfect for an old or colonial living room, we have the combination of blinds with curtains .

There are multiple options depending on the decoration of the living room and each person’s tastes. For example, from a classic dark curtain, to the floor, with a bamboo blind or a wood-effect fabric blind. It looks beautiful!

Another option is the combination of an opaque living room curtain with a more modern roller blind, made of different fabrics, to play with the entry of light thanks to both. And to give a more ‘antique’ touch you can also opt for a folding blind with or without rods behind the curtain. Combine colours and get a more cosy living room.

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