Important Things to Consider Before Buying a 3 BHK Flat in Kerala

Commercial and residential properties are one of the most sensible options for investment in Kerala. Residential needs are among the prominent reasons why people tend to buy apartments, and now, with the real estate boom, there are now viable opportunities to pitch apartment purchase as a relevant option for investment. Apartments in a central location in metropolitan areas are a good opportunity to earn some credible income as people or professionals who migrate to cities look into apartments as a feasible option because of the amenities that they get compared to a standalone home. But, it is necessary to look into some attributes or important things to consider before buying a 3BHK flat in Kerala. Let us now consider the different factors:

1. Build a Strategy

It is necessary to plan a defined strategy before getting your hands on the apartment you like. A strategy will help you get hold of a 3BHK apartment, which is beneficial and affordable. The major areas of the flat are the carpet area and the super-built area. The total cost that you are paying should include GST, connectivity charges, maintenance costs, association costs, and other local taxes. Every additional element that is necessary to guarantee a good apartment is required to be considered and devised into a plan before making your lifelong investment.

2. Cost

The budget that you have reserved for your dream home or investment is a valid point to start with once you have a structured strategy for the purchase. Many factors play a major role in the decision-making process for the purchase of an apartment. Have a look around in the neighbourhood where you are planning to set up your home. It will give you a fair idea of what to expect and the amenities that they offer within your budgetary constraints. In-depth research on a project will help you be wary of the hidden charges that you may have to encounter. 

3. Location

One of the important things to consider before buying a 3BHK flat in Kerala is its location. The 3BHK flats in Kerala that you are planning to buy should be ideally placed in a central location, as such apartments will help you yield a better income when you are planning to rent them out. Even if it is for residential purposes, you have to look for a place that is close to your workplace or a place that has enough public transportation connectivity. Buying an apartment in a central area will help you realise its cost-effectiveness in the long run. So, once you have decided on your budget, try looking for an apartment that fits well into the location criteria.

4. Amenities

The amenities that the builders offer can itself be a good point of evaluation for the best 3BHK apartment in Kerala. Most of the apartments offer good and assured quality amenities like gyms, parks, indoor games area, fire extinguishers etc. You also need to make sure that there is a good security system and that it offers immediate maintenance services when in need. 

5. Construction Standards

The structure of the building should be evaluated before purchasing your dream home. It is easier to understand the quality of construction by contemplating whether the building has met the necessary standards as prescribed by the government and relevant authorities. The next step is to look into the kinds of fittings and their quality; bathroom fittings, electrical fixtures, and wiring are some of the inputs that you can evaluate in layman’s terms. 

6. Reputation of the builder

Always go for builders and developers in Kerala who have a reputable history in the field of construction projects. A builder with a proven track record will help you feel at ease. It will be fitting to get a quick look at the previous buildings and get in touch with the homeowners who have taken the 3BHK apartment in Kerala from that particular builder you are considering. An honest and respectable builder will have a good delivery period and use top-quality construction materials that ensure the durability of the 3BHK apartment that you are buying. 

7. Car Parking

Car parking is indeed a necessary amenity as the number of vehicle owners in Kerala is on the rise. Designated parking spaces are a very much needed amenity for urban spaces. These spaces ensure the safety of the vehicles, and they will be shielded against unwanted scratches. Most of the premium builders provide dedicated parking spaces for an additional fee. Make sure you understand the payment structure for car parking beforehand. 

8. Waste Disposal

Waste disposal systems in urban areas are an indispensable part of households. Choose an apartment that has a very planned system for waste disposal. In standalone houses, you will have a backyard, which can be dug out for waste disposal. A good waste disposal system ensures that there is a healthy environment for families.

9. Electric Systems

The wiring of the building and the electricity maintenance have to be checked thoroughly before planning to buy a 3BHK apartment in Kerala. This is to ensure that there won’t be any short circuits, which would put the entire family in a dangerous situation. Kids are the main consideration when it comes to avoiding any potential health risks concerning electrical equipment. The property should have been insulated properly and have had proper plug points in the apartment to ensure the comfort of the residents. 

10. Security and Maintenance

Another important thing to consider before buying a 3BHK flat in Kerala is whether it has the latest technologies for security and maintenance. It would be ideal to take a look around the apartment, walk over the building perimeters, and see the locality and surroundings. The apartment should also have round-the-clock security. The 3BHK apartment should also need to have a fire alarm system that is effective.