What To Have In Mind Before Buying First-Hand Jewelry

Generally speaking, jewelry is usually a go-to accessory when trying to make your apparel really pop. The right piece can give you self-confidence, make you feel empowered, and even have a sentimental (even spiritual) value.

Sure, buying used jewelry is not taboo and may give you a chance to buy pieces that would have otherwise been outside of your price range. However, a lot of people are not comfortable with wearing used jewelry or just outright prefer to buy it first-hand.

With that in mind and without further ado, here’s what you need to have in mind before buying first-hand jewelry. These few simple tricks will ensure that you get your money’s worth and never regret this purchase.

1. Knowing Your Style

The first thing you need to understand is that this is an expensive piece of jewelry that you want to wear on as many occasions. To pull this off, it needs to match the rest of your jewelry and your apparel style.

The first thing to determine is your preferred precious metal. Now, this greatly depends on your complexion but you should never ignore the importance of personal preference. 

Do you have a favorite gemstone or do you prefer diamonds? This too is a consideration worth making. Most importantly, these are predominantly stylistic decisions that will affect every other aspect of your purchase.

2. Think about Maintenance

Another big question you need to answer is the one about maintenance. For instance, gold is by far the easiest to clean. Archeologists are finding gold jewelry from millennia ago, which already proves that this metal is capable of withstanding the test of time.

On the other hand, sterling silver might be a better choice for daily use. Sure, it’s softer than gold and platinum but with some awareness and proper care, you can easily take care of it.

Sure, with commercial ultrasonic cleaners, taking care of your jewelry becomes a piece of cake. However, you need to consider your conditions and think about how you’re going to clean your jewelry at home.

3. Investment

Not a lot of people buy jewelry to sell in the future. After all, if you were to buy gold or silver as an investment, you would have likely bought it in the form of a coin or bullion. However, this is a contingency plan that’s more than worth considering. The prices of precious metals are going up and if people can buy designer bags as investments, what’s wrong with treating your jewelry purchase the same way?

One more thing worth considering is the potential of a jewelry piece to become an heirloom. This is why you’re going for longevity and reliable value. Gold has been valuable and in high demand for almost entire human history. Still, with more and more industrial uses for palladium and platinum, these two precious metals may have a future that’s just as bright. 

4. The Purpose

The last thing you want to do is spend thousands on a jewelry piece that you’re not going to wear. Sure, it still retains its value and there will be no wear and tear but the best place for a jewelry piece is not in the drawer.

So, when buying a piece, start by asking yourself – how often am I going to wear it? If it’s something for special occasions only (like weddings and gala receptions) try to be realistic about the number of opportunities that you’re expecting to wear it next year.

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Sure, an everyday piece sounds like the best choice (in getting your money’s worth) but there are a lot of people who find that wearing jewelry daily might not be as comfortable. In other words, think of your best-case scenario (how often would you be able to wear it in an ideal world), then, consider how realistic this is.

5. Is the Place Reliable

One of the most important questions to ask is whether the place where you’re buying the piece is reliable enough. This is a huge issue, seeing as how you’re probably paying a premium price. So, is the place registered, and are there any ratings/reviews on GMB? Do you know someone who already bought from them? Do they offer all the necessary certifications?

Keep in mind that you don’t want to put yourself in a scenario that makes you feel uncomfortable. So, even if the place checks all the boxes we’ve described in the previous paragraph, it might be for the best that you trust your instincts. If you don’t like the place just walk away, there’s always someplace else to buy.

6. What’s Next?

Remember that jewelry pieces are often complementary. Sure, every piece has a unique beauty of its own but having a necklace that goes well with your bracelet, and matches the style of your ring is the goal that you’re striving toward. So, try to think strategically about these things. This is not the last first-hand jewelry piece that you’re buying and, eventually, you aim to have a whole set. This will help you prioritize and even budget for your purchase quite effectively. 

In Conclusion

In the end, the amount of time and research may depend on the value of the piece in question but the truth is that you should never be reckless with your money. After all, with a smartphone and a connection to the internet, it takes you seconds to check the current price of any precious metal, verify a certificate, and even read some reviews on the store in question. In other words, you have all the resources available, it just comes down to using them right.