October 26, 2021

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Cancer Risk: What to Do for Cancer Prevention

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Cancer Prevention

Many people search for cancer prevention tips as you can do many things to prevent cancer. You can take charge of your overall health with some healthy lifestyle choices to cancer prevention. Regular screening and healthy habits help prevent many life-threatening conditions.

There is some conflict about some of the prevention tips because one study says yes to one piece of evidence but another one declines it.

Simple lifestyle changes can help you to experience the worst period of your life.

  • Say no to Tobacco

An oncologist explained that using tobacco can increase the chances of cancer. 

Studies say that many cancer types are directly linked to tobacco use, including the pancreas, mouth, throat, lung, cervix, kidney, and bladder. Oral activity and pancreas are the dangers that are caused by tobacco chewing habits. Not only does direct tobacco chewing can cause cancer, but secondhand smoking can also affect your health and put you at high risk of developing cancer.

Experts believe that avoiding tobacco can help to prevent you from many potential cancer risks.

  • Stay Active and Go With an Ideal Weight 

Maintaining a healthy weight is a good practice to be active in your life. Excessive use of mobile phones and screens can lead to couch potatoes. Sitting all the time can lead to obesity cancer prevention issues. Studies explain that being overweight is the stem cause of many health issues. Physical activities can help reduce weight and also improve blood circulation. You should know that physical activities prevent heart-related issues, diabetes, and many other medical conditions.

  • Avoid Sun Exposure 

Cancer is one of the most life-threatening diseases that can steal your quality of life. Cancer has many types, and skin cancer is one of the most common of all time. Studies have some evidence that shows sun exposure causes skin cancer. Experts believe that you can prevent this type of cancer easily as you need to avoid sun exposure.

Stay in the shade when you go outside or wear a hat that can cover your face. Midday sun has the most harmful and strong UV rays that can damage your skin, hair, and eyes the most.

Experts say that always wear a woven tight dress while going outside. Buy a sunscreen that has labelled broad-spectrum with an SPF of 30. It will protect your skin from UV harmful rays. They also suggest avoiding tanning beds and sunlamps.

  • Be Careful Of Risky Behaviors 

Infection causing factors include risk behaviours that you need to be careful about. During intercourse, you should practice safety. Studies reveal that infections are transmitted by intercourse. It means that you need to be careful while having intercourse with your partner. HIV and AIDS are the conditions that put you at high risk of getting cancer. Needles are also the common cause of cancer as they transmit the germs of hepatitis B and C. These conditions lead to liver cancer. People who are addicted to drug abuse should consult with the doctor as soon as possible.

  • Get Yourself Vaccine

Viral infections also lead to cancer, so protect yourself from the viral infections as they can put you at high risk of certain medical conditions. Studies say that hepatitis B increases the risk of liver cancer risk. Doctors suggest getting the hepatitis B vaccine to prevent cancer risk. Intravenous drugs and easily transfer the infections from one to another.

HPV is also a virus that is transferred to one another by intercourse. The HPV vaccine is a good practice to avoid the risk of HPV that can lead to cancer.

If you eat processed meats, avoid such consumption because it can develop certain types of cancer. Alcohol is also the cause of cancer in people.

Final Thought 

A regular physical exam can help you minimize the risk of different types of cancer. Choose healthy lifestyle choices and practice good hygiene to cancer prevention.

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