How to Check If Your Digital Marketing is Working: A Simple Guide

Hey there! Have you ever wondered if all your online marketing efforts are actually doing any good? That’s where a digital marketing audit comes in. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds! Let’s break it down in simple terms.

What is a Digital Marketing Audit?

A digital marketing audit is like a health check-up for your online marketing. It’s a way to look at everything you’re doing online to promote your business and see what’s working and what’s not.

Why is it Important?

Imagine you’re baking a cake. You want to make sure you’re using the right ingredients and following the recipe correctly, right? A digital marketing audit is like tasting the cake batter to make sure it’s good before you put it in the oven.

A digital marketing agency often does these audits to help businesses improve their online presence. They look at things like your website, social media, emails, and online ads to see how they can be made better.

How to Do a Digital Marketing Audit

Now, let’s walk through how you can check your own digital marketing. We’ll break it down into simple steps:

  1. Look at Your Website

Your website is like your online home. Here’s what to check:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Does it look good on phones?
  • Can people find what they’re looking for quickly?
  • Does it load fast?

For example, if you run a bakery, can people easily find your menu and opening hours on your website?

  1. Check Your Search Engine Rankings

This means seeing where your website shows up when people search for things related to your business.

  • Try searching for words related to your business. Do you show up?
  • Are you on the first page of the results or buried on page 10?

For instance, if you’re a digital marketing agency in Egypt, you might search for “digital marketing help in Cairo” and see where your website appears.

  1. Look at Your Social Media

Social media is where you can chat with your customers. Here’s what to check:

  • Are you posting regularly?
  • Are people liking and commenting on your posts?
  • Are you responding to comments and messages?

Let’s say you run a bookstore. Are you sharing interesting book quotes or reviews on your social media? Are book lovers engaging with your posts?

  1. Examine Your Email Marketing

If you send emails to your customers, look at:

  • How many people open your emails?
  • Do people click on links in your emails?
  • Are people unsubscribing from your emails?

For example, if you’re a fitness instructor, are people opening your emails about new workout classes?

  1. Analyze Your Online Ads

If you’re running ads online, check:

  • Are people clicking on your ads?
  • Are these clicks turning into sales or sign-ups?
  • How much are you spending compared to what you’re earning?

Let’s say you sell handmade jewelry. Are your ads bringing in new customers, or are you spending more on ads than you’re making in sales?

  1. Look at Your Content

Content means things like blog posts, videos, or podcasts you create. Check:

  • Are people reading, watching, or listening to your content?
  • Are they sharing it with others?
  • Is it helping to bring new customers to your business?

For instance, if you’re a cooking school, are people finding and using your recipe blog posts?

  1. Check Your Competitors

It’s always good to know what other similar businesses are doing online. Look at:

  • What are they doing well?
  • What could they improve?
  • How do you compare to them?

If you’re a local coffee shop, how does your online presence compare to other cafes in your area?

What to Do with What You Find

After you’ve looked at all these things, you’ll have a good idea of what’s working and what’s not in your digital marketing. Now what?

  1. Celebrate the Good Stuff If your Facebook posts are getting lots of likes and comments, keep doing more of that!
  2. Fix the Not-So-Good Stuff If your website is slow to load, it might be time to talk to a web developer about speeding it up.
  3. Try New Things If you notice your competitors are having success with Instagram but you’re not on there yet, it might be time to start an account.
  4. Get Help If You Need It If all of this feels overwhelming, don’t worry! That’s where a digital marketing agency can help. They’re experts at this stuff and can guide you in the right direction.

How Often Should You Do a Digital Marketing Audit?

It’s a good idea to check on your digital marketing regularly. A big check-up every 6 months or so is great, but keep an eye on things monthly too. It’s like brushing your teeth – a little bit of care often is better than a big clean occasionally!

Real-Life Example

Let’s say you run a small bakery in Cairo. You decide to do a digital marketing audit and find:

  • Your website looks great but loads slowly on phones
  • Your Instagram posts of fresh pastries get lots of likes, but you’re not posting very often
  • Your email newsletter about weekly specials has a low open rate
  • You’re not showing up in Google searches for “best bakery in Cairo”

Based on this audit, you might decide to:

  1. Work with a web developer to speed up your website on mobile
  2. Set a goal to post on Instagram at least once a day
  3. Try new subject lines for your emails to get more people to open them
  4. Talk to a digital marketing agency in Egypt about improving your search engine rankings

Wrapping Up

Doing a digital marketing audit sounds complicated, but it’s really about taking a close look at what you’re doing online and seeing how you can make it better. It’s like giving your online presence a good spring cleaning!

Remember, the goal is to make sure all your digital marketing efforts are working together to help your business grow. Whether you’re doing it yourself or getting help from a digital marketing agency, regular check-ups on your digital marketing can make a big difference.

So, why not start your digital marketing audit today? You might be surprised at what you find, and excited about the improvements you can make!

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