Grab the Chicago to Dublin Flights to Make the Most of the Coming Holidays

Winter is with us here in the North of the USA for a few more months and you may be wondering when your next break is. President’s Day is just a fortnight away and you will be wondering what to do on this 3-day weekend. We all have tasks that we have wanted to do for some time and haven’t been able to due to lack of it. You may also have plans to travel to a destination of your choice, perhaps in Europe. If you haven’t chosen one, the discounts on Chicago to Dublin flights will encourage you to fly to Ireland. Chicago has a large percentage of people of Irish origin and quite a few of them have a wish to visit the country their forefathers came from.

The flight is ready for you

These cities are next to large water bodies, with Chicago next to Lake Michigan and Dublin next to the Irish Sea. They are major ports too, though nowadays much more cargo passes through these than passengers. There are a few international airports here, so if you are not able to find flights to your destination from one of them, you will be able to from another. The larger airports like O’Hare International Airport though usually offer more domestic and international flights to numerous destinations. Your decision for choice of airports will be affected by Chicago to Dublin airfares too, though it all depends on how far you live and how much it will cost you to get to these airports.

Dublin will surprise you

The weather in Europe too will remain cold for a few months, but who can stop those strong-willed people who are willing to travel and have fun even in this season? In Dublin, you will get to see architecture very different from what you are used and you will be surprised to find that people speak here mostly English and not much Irish. The flights will eat up a large part of the budget for your trip, so some online research for flights from Chicago to Dublin will help you a long way. Instead of looking through the websites of the airlines one by one for the airfare which can be time-consuming, you can try Online Travel Agencies, their websites or Apps will allow you easy comparison by listing flights from different airlines over the same route over the same dates.

The different ways to fly

When you go through the list of flights after you have started the online search, you will find some direct flights and others with stopovers. It all depends on what you want to pay and how you want to fly. You will also find the major airlines and the low-cost ones offering flights at much different rates. However, before you get your flight booking confirmed you must make sure whether the baggage charges are included in the air ticket price or not. As this will be a long-haul flight, meals and beverages should be complimentary. You should also note that in some cabins there will be no charges for a Wi-Fi connection while in an Economy cabin, you will usually be charged.

Back to the roots

Every immigrant brings his tradition and culture to the country they want to adopt. The St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are the grandest in Chicago outside Ireland. There are parades, dances and the Chicago River is dyed green. There will be enthusiasts who will catch the St. Patrick’s Day Flights, to see the day celebrated in Ireland. Once you get there you will get to compare the dishes you have at your homes and eateries with what is served in this country locally. You will get to join the locals at the pubs and you will even get to listen to some Irish music, which can be different from what you are used to.

Make the most of it

This day is over a month away, so if you start to look now you may be able to find flights at lower rates than if you leave the booking till late. There can be some offers on the St. Patrick’s Day Airfare, which may apply to flights around the dates on which this day is observed or for other dates of your choice. Whatever the case may be, most people will be looking forward to these to enjoy their flights for less.


If you are planning some holidays in the coming months it’s best to look for flights now unless you are sure that there will be some good offers later. As a Chicagoan, if you have ever wanted to travel to Ireland, now is better than late.

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