How To Choose The Right Curtain For Your Home

Curtains are those statement jewelry your home wears to look different and bold than other homes. Curtains come in many different colors and patterns which make them suitable and attractive for every home, no matter what kind and how huge it is. Curtains blend everywhere in your room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, on your windows, doors or just a wall. curtains these days not only protect your home from uv rays or noise or give you privacy they act as a decor in your home. The first thing someone notices when they enter a room of window is a curtain. Curtains are huge, in drapery patterns or straight or in plaits they always stand out in a room. There are five most important things to consider before buying and choosing the right curtains for you. 

1. Colors

Your interior plays an important role while choosing the color of your curtain, your wall patterns, carpet color, other furniture everything matters while choosing the right color for your curtains. Not only the interior but what you want to highlight in the room is important too, if you want to make your interior highlight you’ve to choose neutral colors for your curtains and if you want your curtains to be the center of attention you should choose vivid colors but not overboarding while choosing as it should complement with your interior. 

2. Curtain patterns 

Right pattern of your curtain can bring the aesthetic to your home, curtains come in many patterns and designs, not everything goes with everything you should think twice before going ahead of a decision be it life or curtains. The two main categories of curtain patterns are solid or printed. 

3. Curtain pleat style 

Pleated curtains are made of heavy fabric, and they can bring an impressive look to your room. Eyelet pleats, pinch pleats, goblet pleats, there are many such types and they have their own significance and features. 

4. Curtain fabric 

Every fabric has its own features such as how well they hang, textures, durability and drapes, how well they resist lights and noise.  It totally depends on news of you, you want minimal lights, blackout curtains, curtains with noise resistant, custom curtains online or ones which shine and look glossy or curtains which are easy to maintain and clean, every fabrics have their own set of pros and cons you’ll have to find which one suits the best for you. 

5. Curtain features 

Curtains have many features depending upon the fabric and pattern you choose, such as light filtration, insulation, privacy, noise reduction and such.

Everyone has a dream home, we all have planned our home and the decor we want, and this must include the type of curtain you might have imagined a soft velvety curtain hanging in your living room or a blackout curtain for your bedroom or a light vivid curtain for your kids room.To help you out and make an easier way of choosing the curtains. Here are a few steps and tips to make your shopping convenient. 

1. Difference between curtains and drapes 

Curtains help you get privacy  and drapes block the light out. Before choosing the type you should be clear for which room you are choosing and what features you want in that curtain, do you want minimal lighting? Or you want privacy. There are curtains, drapes, blinds or shades. Curtains are made of light fabrics and mostly work well for the living room and drapes due to heavy fabric usage work well in bedrooms.

2. Pick the right fabric 

Not all colors suit every fabric and not every fabric looks good on the pattern you choose. From cotton to sheer, from lace to velvet, from lightweight polyester to shiny silk you have a great variety to choose from depending upon your room and choice. The main two concerns you should have is  how much light you want and what mood and vibe you want for your room. Light weight curtains suit well in rooms with minimal interior whereas heavy drapes look amazing in traditional rooms. 

3. The right choice of color 

It still depends on how and what you want to highlight in the room you are planning the curtains for. You should choose colors complementing the walls and interior of the room or you can choose colors that stand out and bring all the attention to them. The color must even express beautifully on the fabric you are going to choose. 

4. Prints or solids

Prints add visuals to anything, depending upon your interior you can choose if you want to go with prints or solids. If your interior is plain and minimal you can opt for prints and vice versa. You can use geometric design curtains for minimal interior and print fifth solid color furniture paired with printed accessories or you can choose solid colors for quirky furniture designs. 

5. Selecting ideal length and width

Length of your curtains should be decided by the place you are going to use them, you can leave a few inches long to flow on floors, a few inches short in a place where kids will be there, you can have it just as much as length your window is.   

The width of your curtain is measured according to the molding of the place you plan to hang it. By multiplying the factor by 2/2.5 you’ll get an ideal width for your curtain and leaving an extra width can help you get the gathered look at the end. 

6. Lined or unlined curtains?

Drapes paired with light fabric curtains can give you both privacy during night and sufficient light during day. Lighting a curtain will make it heavier so choose accordingly. 

7. How well you can maintain 

Every curtain and drapes should be cleaned between 3-6 months, whereas some require even more care. Not every fabric is suitable for machine washing, some do need dry cleaning , some fabrics easily  get dirty and need frequent washing and some even without washing for months look the same. For low maintaining curtains you can choose cotton or synthetic curtains and they are ideal for homes with kids, pets and people with dust allergy and for high maintenance curtains well every curtains with pleats or swags should be dry cleaned irrespective of what fabric it is made of and curtains made of wool, silk, sheer need dry cleaning or should be hand washed in cold water. 

With every point in mind you can choose the best fit  for your home, curtains should and always be choosen with interior in mind, with the above tips and tricks you can find a perfect curtain for your windows and doors.