The Perfect Guide to Choosing Mean Girl Names for Your Characters

Your fictional people’s names can essentially affect how they are portrayed and the way that the plot creates. While there are many other naming customs to take into account, some authors prefer to give certain characters “mean girl names” in order to add a certain dynamic and personality. This article will discuss the art of picking cruel female names and provide you some suggestions for fleshing out your characters.

Knowing the Names of Mean Girls

Names for mean girls are frequently used to describe characters who are aggressive, confident, and perhaps just a little bit evil. These names are perfect for adversarial or complex female characters because they can conjure feelings of domination, manipulation, and even brutality. It’s crucial to keep in mind nevertheless that not all characters with harsh girl names are automatically “bad.” These names can also denote power, tenacity, and resolve.

Factors to Think About

You should consider a number of variables while naming your characters mean girls. Consider the following factors:

1. Personal Qualities

Establish your character’s characteristics and personality to begin with. Are they assertive and confrontational or sneaky and devious? You can choose a name that suits them by being aware of their essential characteristics. A character who is cunning and mysterious, for instance, might be appropriately named “Raven” or “Lorelei.”

2. Time and Place

Think about the historical era and location of your story. The overall tone and authenticity of your narrative might be influenced by the distinctive naming practices of various eras and cultures. For instance, names like “Victoria” or “Genevieve” could be appropriate for a nasty girl character if your novel is set in the Victorian era.

3. Alliteration and sound

Consider how the names you are considering sound and flow. Names for mean girls frequently have a direct and strong vibe. Alliteration can be used to make names that are instantly recognizable and memorable, as “Scarlett Stone” or “Morgan McKenna.”

4. Symbolism

The symbolic implications associated with names can give your characters more nuance. Find names that fit the characteristics and plot lines of your cruel girl characters by researching them and their history. For instance, the name “Seraphina” may first conjure images of heavenly beauty while concealing a darker, more cunning side.

Names for Mean Girls

Here are some cruel girl name suggestions in various styles and topics to help you get more creative:

  • Athena DeVille
  • Jocelyn Sinclair
  • Fallon Callahan
  • Harper Thornfield
  • Seraphina Noir
  • Dominique Blackwood
  • Isabella Cross
  • Ember Lockwood
  • Bianca Ravenswood
  • Vivienne Drake

Simply remember that a ultimate choice will rely upon the specifics of your personality’s origin story and characteristics.


In conclusion, choosing names for your mean girls needs careful consideration of their characteristics, the location of the story, and the intended effect on readers. You may make characters who are memorable and impactful and improve your storytelling by giving them names that are consistent with their personality and elicit the correct emotions. Use cruel girl names to your advantage and see how your characters come to life on the page.

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