Features in Chrome Extension for Ecommerce Seller

Are you an eCommerce website seller and worried about increasing the efficiency of your work? You need not worry as Neoboard Chrome extension solves all the problems. You can easily access and fulfil your daily requirements within a single screen. With the help of the Chrome extension, you don’t need to swap the screens. It allows you to complete your work within the given time and with the highest efficiency. You can select the type of the extension you want based on the website and your work requirement.

Let’s look at the valuable extensions that the Neoboard brings to you.

1) The best eCommerce extension

Depending on the website, you get a wide range of templates and the options to select as per the eCommerce Chrome extension requirement.

eCommerce extension does provide services like providing timely tracking details, a listing of products, a calculator, conversation in a different language, and many more valuable extensions. The seller can use the extension and work simultaneously on the same screen based on the requirement. Most of the online sellers do make use of the extensions to provide the best service and increase working efficiency.

2) Calculator Chrome extension

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During the listing of products, the eCommerce seller uses the calculator to find out the profit margin, calculate the courier charges, and the tax taken by the website for a particular shipment. The entire time-consuming process is made very easy on a single screen with the help of the calculator Chrome extension. Listing product is the key for the seller. Hence, it would be best to make sure to do it with the highest efficiency without any errors.

Switching the tabs can disturb the person, and hence, the extension is the beneficial solution for this. Depending on the website, you can select the type of calculator you require on the screen, making your work easier and faster.

3) Best translate extension Chrome

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Most customers prefer the reply and answers in their particular language. Earlier the seller used to switch the tabs and use Google to translate the language and copy the text to the eCommerce website.

With upgrading technology and with the help of the best translate Chrome extension, the seller can solve and revert to the customer within no time, in their desired language. The best thing about the translate extension is the seller doesn’t need to switch the tab, nor does he need to copy-paste the text. The reply to the customer in their desired language helps to gain the customer’s trust, which is eventually helpful for the business.


Irrespective of any service, you can find all types of extensions on Chrome. The top-rated eCommerce sellers make use of this Chrome Extensions For Ecommerce to increase the efficiency of the service and eventually end up with the highest number of sales. The after-sale service is crucial for any business, including communication as a significant part. The Extensions helps you overcome all the error and help you execute your plans smoothly.