Services of City Psychological Services London

At the City Psychological services clinic, we offer psychotherapeutic and psychiatric treatment, neuropsychological assessment, health and well-being coaching, and psychological care focused on Mindfulness. We have a team of professionals specialized in their respective areas. We are dedicated to mental health care for adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

Our service is private, we do not accept agreements, and we work with reimbursement.


It is a method of psychological treatment in which the individual expands his knowledge of himself. It allows emotional and behavioral transformations that favor personal growth to deal with everyday difficulties and with different forms of suffering.

Therefore, psychotherapy offers an opportunity to understand and change interpersonal relationship patterns through the development of self-observation and self-reflection, which allows us to break the behavioral patterns that cause suffering and create a new way of leading our own lives.

Psychotherapy treats psychiatric disorders (e.g., panic disorder, depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress) and personal, marital, family, and interpersonal conflicts that can produce or contribute to psychological suffering. At City Psychological Services, we offer psychological treatment through psychotherapy. 


It is the field of science that studies the relationship between the brain and human behavior.

The neuropsychological assessment makes it possible to investigate the performance of cognitive functions (e.g., memory, attention, language, reasoning) and sensory, motor, emotional, and social functions. It contributes to the diagnosis of neurological disorders and understanding the extent of functional losses and the long-term impact of this disorder. In addition, it can help in the differential diagnosis of psychiatric disorders.

The evaluation is not restricted to the study of dysfunctions; it identifies the preserved abilities and functions which contribute to the choice or changes in treatments so that the person can benefit from their potential.

Therefore, neuropsychological assessment establishes the cognitive “strengths” and “weaknesses” to guide which functions should be reinforced or compensated by others.

Health and wellness coaching

 It is a personalized service built around the needs of each individual. It contributes to the empowerment of the coachee (client) through strategies and tools that enable people to take care of their health to prevent illness and achieve a better quality of life.

Adopting healthy habits is essential for good health. However, it can be challenging to make the right choices. In this sense, health and well-being coaching helps the coachee to take an active role in their choices, aiming at replacing bad habits with more appropriate and beneficial ones in favor of a healthier and more fulfilling life.

This type of coaching is indicated for people who need or want to control their weight, manage stress, improve eating habits, practice physical activities, and stop smoking, for example.

Health and wellness coaching promotes a lifestyle change in an organized and consistent way.


 It is a specialty of medicine focused on the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, emotional and behavioral problems.

A psychiatrist is a doctor who, after medical school, specializes in psychiatry with a focus on the diagnosis and treatment of various mental disorders. Psychiatric consultations are aimed at delimiting the symptoms, the context in which they appear, relevant factors for improvement or worsening, risks, associated diseases, etc. The doctor equipped with this information is in a position to prescribe appropriate medication and make the appropriate referral to other treatments such as psychotherapies.

People can seek a psychiatrist for a variety of reasons, such as panic disorder, anxiety problems, depression, psychoses or any other emotional problem that affects the quality of life or has an impact on the individual’s functionality.

Mindfulness, or Full Attention,

It originates in Buddhist philosophy and meditation and is based on “being fully in the present”. In a world where we live connected to the outside world all the time, where we have busy schedules and excessive activities, it becomes essential to connect with ourselves to realize how feelings and thoughts can interfere with our physical and mental health.

Many studies have already proven the benefits of Mindfulness, such as: stress reduction, increased concentration capacity, improved cognitive function, anxiety control, improved sleep quality, development of emotional intelligence, creativity, increased immunity, improved interpersonal relationships and supporting weight loss.