What does Commercial Auto Insurance mean?

If you are a commercial fleet and dealing in numerous vehicle businesses it requires you to opt for commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance policies are different from personal insurance with the best coverage and make the commute easier and secure.

The small car businesses involve higher risk where insurance can be a savior and saves you from paying hefty repair and maintenance charges. The commercial car insurance coverage saves you from unforeseen accidents. No matter what’s the usage of vehicle, from running errands to protecting vehicles against liabilities, accident, thefts, and other activities.

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto Insurance is majorly retained by the business or for employees who have been part of the same. This insurance helps the companies with expense coverage that takes place due to unforeseen incidents such as injuries, accidents, damage to property, and other stuff. The policy is offered by several major car insurance companies in the US and each offers different policy coverage with different limits. Before you buy commercial insurance consult car dealers at I-5 Motors.

What does commercial auto insurance cover?

Commercial Auto Insurance coverage differs depending on the company policies. There is some standard coverage that each commercial auto insurance covers. Commercial car insurance policy coverage other things like towing, labor, rental charges, and lease gap coverage. The policies owned by the user should ensure tools and pieces of equipment used by the company and other belongings left in the vehicle.

Liability Coverage

The liability coverage includes body injuries, property damage, deaths, an accident while working or on the job of the business where the vehicle is registered. The coverage also required to pay legal fees for proceedings of the case.

Comprehensive and collision coverage

Comprehensive coverage includes coverage from vehicle damage, theft, flood, fire, and damage by accident.

Medical Coverage

This provides coverage on the personal injuries or any medical expense that driver and passenger become part in the accident without any fault.

Hit and Run

Hit and Run where the driver and passenger are not at fault and get full coverage to cover the property damage expense and medical bills.

How much does commercial auto insurance costs?

Commercial auto insurance is quite expensive than personal car insurance due to higher coverage. The cost of the car insurance depends on the type of vehicle, driving record, use of vehicles, and nature of the business according to insurance will be created and modified considering all internal and external factors cost will be determined but you can approximate cost at the dealership like Joseph Airport Toyota they have connection can retain you a better deal. 

What’s the need for Commercial Car Insurance?

The business owns several fleets and runs a company where employees are involved in regular driving. This can safeguard the lives and also saves thousands of dollars and protect company expenses. It covers all the expenses if any company employee met with an accident where the company will hold accountably and covers all the expenses.

How commercial car insurance is different from personal insurance?

Commercial car insurance and personal insurance differs from each other. Commercial insurance policies have higher tax deductibles as policies ranges in millions and hold more liabilities. The business fleets require more protection as these vehicles are expensive and cover the medical expenses of drivers too.

Personal car insurance covers while the individual who owns is driving the vehicle for personal use. This doesn’t c.ount the business use, if you had an accident other than personal use the claim will automatically be rejected by the car insurance company.