Composite bonding treatment – few important facts to know beforehand

Composite bonding is a popular dental treatment which proves effective fixing discoloured, damaged and large unsightly gaps between the teeth. People call the popular treatment by various names including dental, cosmetic and composite bonding. When one gets the treatment from skilled and experienced pair of hands it even helps achieving a wider and fuller smile. The procedure involved in the treatment is quite simple provided an experienced dentist handles it. When you breakdown the procedure into simple steps then it is somewhat like these – first the surface of tooth or teeth has to be conditioned, then composite resin material is applied to it and lastly the applied material is artistically sculpted to give it the desired shape and size. In other words your dentist must possess artistic flair to carry out this particular treatment on your teeth. The target is to make your composite bonded tooth or teeth smoothly gel with the natural teeth in your mouth without appearing disproportionate in shape or size. You may choose maintaining the natural shade of your teeth or may even go for a lighter shade – the treatment allows a lot of flexibility. When moulded into the right shape and size under the skilled and experienced hands of a dentist composite resin tailors the smile you desire.

Dentists all over the world including the UK widely recommend this treatment as a quick and painless means to help you achieve your perfect smile.

Flaws that composite bonding treatment can convincingly mask

When it comes to having imperfect teeth then you should never let embarrassment get the better of you explains a dentist having years of experience in providing the treatment of composite bonding in London. You can do everything that is under your reach to maintain a healthy smile – like brushing the teeth properly twice a day, flossing daily and much more. But some people are just not born with a smile like top Hollywood celebrities and you have to accept this hard fact. There is hardly any way – on the other hand – to deny that tooth bonding is an excellent cosmetic dentistry solution to infuse a considerable amount of confidence in your smile. A treatment done on time can easily have its lasting effects on your smile until a big upcoming event like a wedding. 

The teeth bonding treatment is a convincing and reliable solution to help you achieve the smile of your dream. The problems that it can correct are many and include the following –

  • Badly decayed or cracked teeth
  • Teeth which are badly disproportionate in shape or size
  • Large gaps between the teeth

Are you interested to know the best part of this particular treatment? The entire treatment takes just a single visit to your dentist and as you leave the practice after completion of the treatment you proudly carry the results in your smile. The procedure does not take much time and usually gets over anywhere between sixty minutes and a couple of hours.

Advantages the treatment offers

The cosmetic dentistry treatment offers a wide and impressive range of benefits like the following –

  • The entire procedure is non invasive in nature
  • The treatment involves a fast and simple procedure
  • Unlike many other treatments that enhance your smile this one does not require removing any part of the natural enamel structure of your tooth or teeth
  • The impressive results of the treatment easily linger over long time
  • The entire procedure gets over in just a single session
  • Usually anaesthesia is not needed to carry out the procedure
  • Compared to any other treatment under cosmetic dentistry category this one is more reasonably priced and thus relatively affordable

But it is also important to make you aware about its downsides as well. 

  • The results of the treatment last long but not long enough as that of porcelain veneers and crowns
  • Composite bonding is easily prone to pick up stains
  • Once you get the treatment of composite on your teeth there is no way to enhance the colour of the teeth anymore; thus you always have to get your teeth whitened before composite bonding treatment
  • The treatment requires 6 to 12 monthly maintenance

What are the risks associated with this treatment

A renowned dentist in London assures composite bonding unlike many other smile enhancing treatments does not include many risks in the first place. The resin material that is used in the procedure is easily prone to pick up stains and discolouration compared to other materials used in modern dentistry. But on the positive stride this should not be much of a problem if you take good care of your teeth and maintain sound dental hygiene as well as lifestyle. It is better to stay away from excessive indulgence of red wine, smoking (or any other form of tobacco consumption) coffee and tea and then your composite bonded teeth will not pick up stains that easily. 

The resin material that is used is not as strong and durable as your natural tooth structure and thus it could chip or break if you are little cautious about its maintenance. Avoid hard foods like certain types of nuts, candies and others. Do not chew on ice cubes either, stop biting nails with the teeth, no more opening beer bottles with the teeth and then chances are high that your composite bonded tooth will last longer.

Tried and tested tips to take proper care of your composite bonded teeth 

You can easily extend the life of your composite bonded tooth or teeth by following a few simple tips and tricks. But right after the composite bonding London treatment it is crucial to take very good care of your teeth at least for the first two to three days like –

  • Put a stop to coffee, wine and tobacco consumption for at least two to three days immediately following the procedure
  • You must brush the teeth properly twice daily and floss once to maintain sound oral hygiene
  • Change bad habits like biting nails with the teeth – these habits make your composite bonded tooth prone to get damaged
  • It is also better to stay away from hard food items like candies, certain types of nuts and others 

In addition to the tips mentioned above you should not forget to attend those routine dental checkups at regular intervals suggest dentists working at the renowned Bayswater Dental Clinic. Follow these tips and ensure a longer life for your composite bonded tooth or teeth easily. 

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