What is the concept of product suitability?

Digital goods (including information storage, retrieval, and modification), music, movies, office supplies, education, networking, software, photography, and financial transactions are all areas where many successful solely virtual businesses operate. Other active marketers use drop shipping or affiliate marketing to promote sales of physical products without having to keep actual inventory on hand. Some non-digital items have performed better in online stores Women Underwear than others. Profitable goods often have a high value-to-weight ratio, can entail embarrassing sales, are often sold to people in remote areas, and are often purchased by shut-ins. Items that can fit in a regular mailbox, such as music CDs, DVDs, and books, are ideal for a virtual marketer.

Spare parts for household appliances like washing machines, as well as manufacturing machinery like centrifugal pumps, appear to be strong candidates for sale online. Retailers also need to order spare parts because they don’t stock them in their shops; in these situations, e-commerce solutions in spares don’t compete with retail stores, but rather with other ordering systems.

Providing consumers with precise, accurate information about which part number their specific version of a product requires, for example by providing parts lists keyed by serial number, may be a key to success in this niche. Products with a low value-to-weight ratio, products with a smell, taste, or touch part, products that need trial fittings—most notably clothing—and products where colour integrity appears to be essential are less suitable for e-commerce. Nonetheless, several websites have been effective in delivering food, and online clothing sales are big business in the United States.


Both sizes of retailers may use high-volume websites like Yahoo!, Amazon.com, and eBay to host their online stores. These shops are displayed in a unified navigation system, which is often referred to as a virtual shopping mall or an online marketplace.

Consumer behaviour and the impact of feedback

One of the best parts about shopping online is being able to read product reviews written by experts or other online shoppers. In March 2010, the Nielsen Company polled over 27,000 Internet users in 55 markets across Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America to investigate questions like “How do consumers shop online?” “What do they want to buy?” “How do they use various online shopping web pages?” and the impact of social media and other factors that come into play?”

According to the study,reviews on electronics (57 percent), such as DVD players, cellphones, or PlayStations, and so on, reviews on cars (45 percent), and software reviews (37 percent), all play a significant role in affecting customers who make purchases online. Furthermore, 40% of online shoppers claim they will not purchase electronics without first reading online feedback.

Peer feedback on online shopping pages or social media platforms, in addition to online reviews, play an important role for online shoppers while researching potential purchases.

 Social media has an effect on 90% of all transactions made.

Consumers find a product of interest by going to the retailer’s website or using a shopping search engine to look for alternatives to the retailer’s website. When a customer finds a product they want on a seller’s website, most online retailers use shopping cart software to enable them to add several products and change amounts, similar to how they might fill a traditional shopping cart, reliable online shopping sites or basket in a store.

If required, a “checkout” process (continuing the physical-store analogy) is initiated, during which payment and delivery information is obtained. Some stores encourage customers to create a permanent online account, allowing them to enter some or all of this information only once.

When a transaction is completed, the customer usually receives an e-mail confirmation. Consumers in less advanced shops can be forced to call or e-mail their orders (although full credit card numbers, expiry date, and Card Security Code,or bank account and routing number should not be accepted by e-mail, for reasons of security).