Simple Methods for Users to Convert Lotus Notes NSF File into Outlook PST File Format

The blog outlines the factors that lead businesses to migrate from IBM Notes to Microsoft Outlook. Free manual NSF to PST files conversion techniques. The advantages of automated conversion over manual techniques are also discussed, along with a professional tool for safely converting mailboxes.

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The greatest communication platforms, Exchange Server and Domino, are becoming more and more popular, and with them, NSF and PST files. PST is the proprietary data storage format used by Microsoft Outlook, while NSF is the data repository of Lotus Notes (now IBM Notes), the email client used by Domino Server.

The need for NSF to PST conversion can occasionally arise due to business preferences and requirements for home usability. NSF files need to be converted to PST format before they can be exported from Lotus Notes to Outlook. On the other hand, there are manual methods to convert NSF files to PST files. These methods involve following a specific procedure that will be covered in the sections that follow.

First, let’s examine the factors that necessitate moving Notes data to Outlook mailboxes.

  1. Because Exchange offers more functionality at a lower cost than Domino, most organizations are migrating their databases from the former to the latter.
  2. Since the user may be using Microsoft Outlook at home, they may need to access certain PST files or want to preserve a copy of important data for upcoming projects.
  3. Exchange has relatively lower maintenance costs, and using Outlook makes all operations much simpler.

Manually converting NSF to PST can be very tough and challenging because any mistake could result in data loss. During conversion, you will have to preserve the mailboxes’ actual format as well as their original structure.

Free annual instructions for Outlook PST to NSF mailbox conversion

There are two steps that make up the entire conversion process:

(i) Notes NSF File Export

(ii) Import into Microsoft Outlook

Take the actions listed below:

  • To upload the NSF file that has to be exported to PST, launch the IBM Notes application and select the Open button from the home screen.
  • In the menu bar, click File. Select Export from the list of options.
  • Select a folder on the hard drive to save the new file when the Export wizard opens. From the Save as type: drop-down list, choose either structured text or comma separated values.
  • Give the file a suitable name, then select the Export option.

Depending on the file format you choose—Structured Text and Comma Separated Values—different windows will open. You will either see a CSV Export window or a Structured Text Export window5, depending on which file format you chose to store the exported data in. Select the options carefully in the window that displays, and then click OK once you’ve done so.

This completes the first part of the NSF to PST process; the exported data needs to be imported into the Microsoft Outlook application.

Step Two: Bring in Export Data to Microsoft Outlook

Take the actions listed below:

1. In the Microsoft Outlook program, select the File menu.
2.Choose Open, followed by Import from the
3.The Import and Export Wizard will launch; click Next after choosing Import from another application or file from the list of options under Select an action to carry out.
4.Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) in the Import a File window that then displays, then click Next.
5.Next, choose the file exported from Lotus Notes in the preceding section by clicking the Browse button.

You will be presented with three options by the wizard regarding whether to import duplicate items or not. Three options are available:

(i)import items to replace duplicates;
(ii)permit duplicates to be created; and
(iii)Do not import duplicate items.
6.Click next after making the appropriate selection.
7.After that, choose a destination folder and click Next to store the data after import.
8.The procedure could take a few minutes to finish, at which point you should click Finish to complete the import task.

You can now effectively access NSF data within the MS Outlook program.

Remember to always backup your mailbox before beginning any email app migrations in order to prevent data loss. You can quickly restore data from the backup files because manual processes are prone to corruption. Furthermore, the actual structure and format of emails and other data can be impacted by manual processes.

For what reason is using a professional utility preferred to manual conversion methods?

The manual process of converting an NSF file to a PST file is very difficult and requires technical proficiency on the part of both email clients. Furthermore, the process takes a long time, and the conversion of NSF files containing a lot of data to PST format may take a long time.

If manual conversion methods are not successful, you can easily transfer data from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook by using the WholeClear Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter software, which is available from a third party. All mailbox components—emails, contacts, journals, enclosed attachments, calendar entries, etc.—will be converted by the software.

With just five simple steps, users can effortlessly migrate their data:

Launch the program. Start the program and pick the NSF documents you need to convert.
Preview NSF statistics: The device permits you to preview the contents of the chosen NSF documents, ensuring accuracy in advance of conversion.
Choose the PST format: Select the popular output layout (PST) for the transformed documents.
Start conversion: initiate the conversion method, and the program will effectively convert NSF files to PST format while preserving the precise folder shape and data integrity.

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This software application ensures a clean transition from Lotus Notes to Outlook, ensuring that all emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, and one-of-a kind factors are successfully transferred. Its reliability, tempo, and patron-amazing interface make it a desired choice for human beings and agencies on the lookout for a persevering NSF to PST conversion solution.


WholeClear NSF to PST Converter is a dependable and inexperienced solution for seamlessly migrating Lotus Notes statistics to Outlook. Its simplicity, blended with robust abilities, makes it a high-quality choice for customers on the lookout for a trouble-free NSF to PST conversion.

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