Free Effective Procedures for Converting/Transferring VCF Contacts to CSV

However, VCF files only contain data about loci for which the sequence alignment offers enough support to trigger a variant call. Contrarily, CSV files are plain text that, regardless of the application being used, can be imported into a spreadsheet or another storage database. To begin, let’s see how to export VCF data to a CSV file.

Motivation for Transforming VCF Contacts into CSV File Format

VCF/vCard contacts can be converted to CSV format for a variety of reasons.

  • Since the CSV file is just plain text, website developers can easily interpret it.
  • Effortlessly arrange a lot of information.
  • It is secure and makes a clear distinction between text and value.
  • Text editors like Notepad can be used to open or alter it.
  • Data processing and viewing are made simpler using Excel, an automated spreadsheet that replaces paper-based spreadsheets.
  • It is feasible to retrieve data from the Excel file in the event that the contact sustains any harm.
  • The Excel data file is easily viewable, well-managed, and ordered.

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The Highest Ways to Transform VCF to CSV

In this talk, we’ll go over both expert and manual methods for converting vCard to CSV while maintaining 100% authenticity and data integrity.

Method 1: Use Windows Explorer to Convert Several VCFs to CSV

To finish the conversion, adhere to these steps:

  • Either Windows Explorer or Windows Key + E can be used to open it.
  • Navigate first to /ContactC:\Users\UserName\Contacts, then the user directory.
  • Choose “Import from the Top.”
  • Tap Import after selecting the vCard from the imported list.
  • Click “Open” after navigating to the directory from which you exported the address book.
  • Click OK to import each contact in the address book when the contact file opens.
  • Click Close once all contacts have been imported.
  • To pick every contact you imported, click any of them, then hit CTRL + A.
  • Select Export from the main menu.
  • After choosing CSV, click Export.
  • Select Browse. After naming your file, click Save and then Next.
  • Click Done after selecting the fields you wish to import.

Hopefully, the conversion of all of your contacts from the VCF file to the CSV file format was successful.

Method 2: Use Google Contacts to convert VCF to CSV.

Google Contacts allows you to import and export contacts as CSV or VCF files from your account. Contacts can be exported in two different formats: Google CSV, which is meant to be imported into Google Accounts, and Outlook CSV, which is meant to be imported into Microsoft Outlook and other programs.

Follow the following steps to complete the conversion:

  • Select the Google account you want to use first.
  • Contacts are connected to your Google (Gmail) account, much like the majority of other Google services. You may proceed if you already have a Google account.
  • Essential to know is that contacts from the VCF file will be available in Gmail and other Google services and will sync with any Android device that is linked to that account after being imported. To avoid this, you can remove the contacts when the conversion is complete.

Furthermore, it’s likely that your Google account already has contacts, and you may want to avoid confusing those with the ones in the VCF.

Of course, you can create a “disposable” Gmail account just for this reason if you don’t want to go through all of this.

Step 2: Bring the VCF In

  • Go to the Contacts page on Google.
  • Open a new Google (Gmail) account or log in with an existing one.
  • Go to the Import option in the sidebar.
  • This will open a little window where you can choose a VCF or CSV file from your device by clicking on a button.
  • After choosing the VCF, select Import.

The contacts in the VCF should be visible in the Google Contacts window if the import is successful. All that’s left to do is export it to a CSV.

Step 3: Create a CSV file from the Contacts

  • Select the contacts you wish to convert, or if you want to convert every contact in your account, leave them all blank.
  • From the menu on the sidebar, select Export.
  • Select Google CSV or Outlook CSV as the preferred CSV format in the pop-up window.
  • After choosing the Export option, give the file some time to create.
  • Your browser will prompt you to download the file once the procedure is finished.
  • And we’re done in an instant. 

In the event that you used a “disposable” account for this, you can think about erasing the contacts or the Google account altogether afterwards. On the other hand, if you don’t want the contacts to sync with your other devices—like your Android phone—you might wish to remove them.

Final Thoughts,

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