How to Copy Email from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail on MacBook?

Did you recently move to a new Mac machine that is configured with Apple Mail email client? Facing issues while trying to access the files of the previous system into new MacBook? Wondering how to copy email from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail on MacBook with accurate results? Continuously finding an appropriate way to implement the necessary process? No worries because in the segment we will discuss some cost-effective techniques with the help of users can effortlessly copy email from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail on MacBook with precise emails and attachments. 

Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail are widely used email clients of Mac operating systems. Both are known for managing users’ day-to-day emails, calendar events, contacts, calendars, and other items. The only difference is, Outlook for Mac export entire database of users in OLM file whereas Apple Mail archive users mailboxes in MBOX. Apart from this, these two are completely same when it comes to sending/receiving email messages. 

At times, due to business requirements, change of employment, or change of operating systems can create chaos for users. Because every change requires some adjustments. Due to this, users have to change their email clients as well. 

Common Query:

Yesterday, I moved to a new MacBook with OLM files that were created in a previous machine. However, on my new system, I have configured Apple Mail because the company currently decided to change the email platform because we are using Outlook for Mac for a very long time. Although there is not much change in their working but still I am facing issues when I am trying to access OLM files into Apple Mail environment. After doing some research I got to know that I have to convert OLM files into MBOX first because it is Apple Mail supported format. Now, I don’t know how I will perform the process. Can anyone suggest me safe solution for this?

There are several Mac users who have to deal with these situations on a regular basis because; every email client has a unique saving option. And one needs to perform the conversion first to access the files of old email application in a new email platform. 

How to Copy Email from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail on MacBook?

The safe way to copy email from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail on MacBook is MacMister OLM Converter for Mac. It is a solution with a friendly environment that is easily manageable by all professional and novice users. The tool allows users to convert OLM to MBOX and then import the converted files to Apple Mail with ease. The whole process will finish in few seconds as there are just three operational steps in total.

Moreover, the application is designed with a lot of beneficial features with the help of users can copy email from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail on MacBook according to their requirements. Download its trial edition right away and check the entire process for free. 

Working Steps to Copy Email from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail on MacBook

Step 1. Download and open the application on MacBook.

Step 2. Add OLM files by using dual options i.e. Add File(s)/Add Folders. Click Add File(s) option to add OLM files on the tool or use Add Folder option to add OLM files folder on the tool. Click Next. 

Step 3. The software start adding OLM files with selected checkboxes on its pane one-by-one. These checkboxes will provide opportunity to users to copy all OLM files to Apple Mail or they can un-tick the checkboxes of unnecessary files and copy only the selected OLM files into Apple Mail, if required. Click Next.

Step 4. From Select Saving Options, choose MBOX file format. 

Step 5. Apply the options of MBOX according to the requirements and click on the Export button to start the process.

Step 6. The whole process will appear in Live Conversion Report through which users can track the ongoing export status of OLM files.

In few seconds, the application will finish the procedure and show “Conversion Completed” message to users. Click on OK and open Apple Mail email client to access all the converted files.

Guide to Open Resultant Files in Apple Mail on MacBook

Step 1. Open Apple Mail email client. 

Step 2. Navigate to File to select Import Mailboxes…

Step 3. Choose the option “Files in MBOX format” & click Continue. 

Step 4. Go to the destination path where converted files are saved. Select the same and click Choose. 

Step 5. The import process ends within seconds. 

Step 6. Click Done button which will open Apple Mail window and on its left navigation pane under On My Mac, users will find imported files.

By double-clicking the new Import folder, users will see Inbox folder with the total count of emails converted. Again click on the same and this will list all the emails on the screen one-by-one. Now choose the required email message to check the result and you will see that the email messages are appearing with 100% accurate content, formatting properties and layout. Therefore, one can blindly trust the solution and securely copy email from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail on MacBook effortlessly.


The write-up here provided an impeccable way to fix “how to copy email from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail” with attachments in few seconds. MacMister OLM Converter for Mac is a feature-rich solution with a friendly designed so that any Mac user can handle it independently and copy all Outlook Mac emails into Apple Mail on MacBook. Moreover, with the help of the solution, users can copy OLM files into 15+ more saving options such as PST, PDF, CSV, MSG, HTML, MHT, DOC, IMAP, G Suite, Gmail, and more. To check the same, download its free demo now and copy first 25 emails from Outlook Mac OLM files into Apple Mail free of cost. 

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