How to Identify a Counterfeit Patek Philippe Timepiece?

Nothing is worse than realising you were tricked by a salesperson after spending thousands of dollars on your pre owned Patek Philippe watches. Recognised as one of the world’s finest watchmakers, Patek is known for his unique designs and movements and careful hand-finishing. Unfortunately, counterfeiters are also attracted to that reputation, as evidenced by the frequent copying of Nautilus and Aquanaut, which have enormous popularity.

Used Patek Philippe watches are popular among those looking to purchase a Patek because new models can be nearly complex if you wait ten years in line. We advise you if you want to buy a Patek to ensure you receive the best deal possible.

Look At the Patek Reference Number

Research is always essential. Locate the reference number if you know the Patek model you want. Acknowledge the watch’s style, dimensions, composition, dial colour, types of straps and bracelets, and mechanism.

Be cautious regarding the movements of your pre-owned Patek Philippe, as some references are limited to being available in stainless steel or coming exclusively on straps rather than bracelets. You’ll be more prepared the more you know.

You will receive letters outlining the appropriate material for each watch—for instance, A stands for platinum, G for white gold, and P for stainless steel.

Metals And Cases

A fake Patek frequently has a thicker case to conceal a subpar movement. Any solid caseback watch should also include a model and serial number inside the caseback. These will be shown along the inside corners of timepieces featuring exhibition backs. You’re looking at a fake Patek watch if the case back has any numbers on it.

Checking the edge of the case for a hallmark indicating the metal’s purity—950, for example, denotes 95% pure platinum—is a helpful way to determine the item’s quality. Although the metal used in a fake may be what it seems, it is not of the calibre that this brand expects. 

A fake watch may have a few minor defects, but because of Patek’s strict quality control procedures, a watch with those kinds of problems would never leave the factory.

The Screws and Crown

The easiest way to identify a fake Patek watch is by looking at the crown. A genuine Patek Philippe watch has an exquisitely detailed crown that requires a magnifying glass to appreciate fully. A real pre-owned Patek Philippe will not have a pattern that appears hazy or speckly.

When it comes to a Patek, the screws are crucial. You are holding a fake if you see blue ones. Since Patek employs premium screws, the company does not utilise this approach. Heat can give screws a blue tint as a means of hardening and increasing their resistance. A counterfeiter can use bluing to give the watch a more upscale appearance.

See the typeface chosen for the letters; Patek Philippe has established its stellar name on flawless quality and artistry. A counterfeiter would be tempted to employ larger or bolder lettering to catch a buyer’s eye. It also diverts prospective purchasers’ attention from imperfect details.


It’s probably too inexpensive if it is a counterfeit piece, even though some fake models have been asking for $30,000 lately. Even though some modern counterfeit models have had hours of work done to make them appear authentic, they are not nearly as expensive as authentic models. This can entice Used Patek Philippe Watches purchasers who might need more funds to purchase the actual thing.


The market is full of fake Patek Philippe timepieces. So, what do you do to save yourself from being duped? Purchasing from a trustworthy vendor is the most excellent method to guarantee you receive an actual watch. They come with years of experience buying and selling pre owned Patek Philippe watches, and they will ensure that every watch they sell is legitimate to prevent you from losing money.

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