October 26, 2021

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The 5 Easy Steps to Make A Perfect Baby Bedroom: Welcome to the New World!

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Make Perfect Baby Bedroom

When you are expecting a baby, make sure your home is a safe, healthy environment for him. Your baby bedroom should be treated with cockroach gel and disinfected using non-toxic cleaning agents. Moreover, there should be no allergens, debris, toxic substances, and termites. Following are the 6 steps you should follow to make a perfect bedroom for your little one. 

# 1 Choosing a Perfect Room

First of all, choose a perfect bedroom for your baby. Think about how much space you need, how large your baby crib is, and whether the room is close to the mother’s bedroom. If you do not intend to separate your baby from you, make sure your bedroom is thoroughly cleaned and properly decorated. You can put your baby’s crib near your bed and closet in place of the side table for an approach.

#2 Cleaning and Organizing

After choosing the room, it’s time to properly clean and organize it. Firstly, take a broom and remove any spider webs if present. Then, sweep the floor, wall edges, and corners. Mopping can be followed by sweeping, but one can prefer to wash the floor. You can mop the floor by dipping it in a solution of disinfectant that can kill all microbes. Also, clean and wipe the mirrors, windows, ceiling fans, lamps, and other room stuff.

Remove all old stuff from the room like old books, old decoration pieces, and furniture that might contain termites. At this time, there should be no furniture except a closet for your baby. 

#3 Pest Control

Cleaning alone cannot remove common household pests like flies, fleas, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and bedbugs. These insects are so filthy and carry numerous microbes that can cause various diseases and allergies. To prevent flies and mosquitoes from the room, you can use a mosquito repellent vaporizer or some essential oils. Moreover, ticks, fleas, and bed bugs can be prevented using natural insect killers. These include using baking soda, dried basil leaves, aqueous solution of vinegar or lemon. Furthermore, candles incorporated with essential oils like peppermint, cypress oil, cedarwood oil, lavender, and rosemary are quite helpful in controlling common household pests.

Bugs like cockroaches are so stubborn and resistant. They can cause various allergies of respiratory tract so make sure to eliminate them from your home. You can buy the trending advion cockroach gel from any Pest Control Shop. Using this best cockroach gel can help you eradicate cockroaches within weeks. Moreover, feel free to use this advion cockroach kill gel UAE in your baby bedroom as it is non-toxic to humans. If you are not comfortable using an advion cockroach UAE in your baby’s room, use it in the entire house

#4 Where to Place my Baby Crib?

The ideal spot is to place your baby crib in the centre of the room. Keep it away from the windows, sockets, and electrical lamps. If you are placing the crib in your room, attach it to your bed from one side near you. This will help you easily feed and change diapers.

#5 Painting and Decoration

Always try to prepare your baby bedroom after the gender reveal as it will help you select a good palette. Generally blue tones are selected for a boy and pink to peachy tones for a girl. Nevertheless, it is not a hard and fast rule, you can also paint the wall in a cool, serene, or revitalizing hue. You can also choose your lucky color or the solid white that will make colorful toys and decorations stand out. 

When it comes to decorations, make sure to add bright colored objects. As babies generally enjoy moving objects, it’s ideal to hang a toy from his crib. You can paste glitter stickers of cute birds and animals on cupboards and mirrors. A wallpaper that will not damage the wall paint is the best option for adding animated effects to a wall.

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