Crowded Teeth: What Are Its Treatment Options?

Overlapping or crowded teeth can affect self-esteem level to smile and speak in public. Plus, it greatly impacts the biting and chewing pattern negatively. It can happen to anyone anytime and hence there is nothing to panic. 

You can regain your lost confidence again by visiting a reliable orthodontist for the treatment. But there are several intricacies to perform the most suitable treatment. Read this blog to know its certain causes and treatment solutions and which one is right for you! 

Understanding crowded teeth

It takes place if the average teeth size crosses the space availability in the jaw leading to overlapping, crooked and flared teeth. While mild crowding involves minimum tooth errands but severe problem comprises of complete disruption of alignment.  

What are the symptoms of crowded teeth?

Some noticeable symptoms for overlapping, crooked or crowded teeth are:

  • Chronic tenderness on a side during chewing 
  • Front teeth excessive protrusion 
  • Bunched up dental appearance with severe overlapping of multiple teeth
  • Fallen of the contacting edges by front teeth
  • Improper gaps between lower and upper teeth during biting
  • Prominent space between several teeth
  • Tilting of back teeth at outward or inward angles

What are potential complications of crowded teeth?

Although minor crowding can get corrected by simple cosmetic dentistry but moderate and severe conditions need immediate and extensive treatment as they can pose a threat on oral health in the following ways:

  • Flaring up TMJ with pain and jaw joint discomfort
  • Trouble to floss and brush and unable to clean every tooth properly
  • Speaking difficulty deeming therapy 
  • Chronic irritation inside resulting in inflammation and sores on cheeks
  • High chance of gum disease and tooth decay

What are causes of crowded teeth?

Crowded teeth can occur due to a number of reasons including genetic causes. They are:

  • Additional tooth buds above 32
  • Over-retention of baby teeth and blocking of adult teeth eruption
  • Late emergence of wisdom tooth limiting the eruptive space
  • Small jaw size inheritance unable to accommodate all adult teeth naturally

Moreover, kids’ mouth breathing pattern can create an obstacle against the growth of maxilla. It alters the space of teeth positioning for a long time. Orthodontist consultation can help you to get rid of the issue by determining the exact cause through an extensive dental exam. 

How to address crowded teeth?

You can seek any of the following treatments for your crowded teeth:

  • Cosmetic contouring- By using fillings the oversized teeth will slender down that increases the space for other teeth. 
  • Dental bonding- Layering the teeth surface to reshape the edges.
  • Enameloplasty- Removal of minuscule enamel with the help of high-speed air abrasion. 
  • Restorations- Closing extra spaces using dentures, implants, bridges and crowns.
  • Extraction- Removal of fully damaged teeth which are non-restorable for maintaining good oral health. 

What are the solutions for moderate to severe crowded teeth?

Orthodontist will suggest any of the following solution to complement the crowding treatment assisting you to get the treatment early. 

  • Headgear- Encouraging perfect jaw development by the pressure of an external appliance. 
  • Palatal Expanders- Widening upper teeth arches correcting overlap with time by a dedicated device.
  • Orthodontic Braces- Influencing correct teeth alignment with the help of ceramic or metal brackets. 
  • Clear Aligner Therapy- Guiding the teeth into their desirable position with custom thin plastic invisible tray. 
  • Over-Retention Extractions- Extra lingering baby teeth removal to help in eruption of new adult teeth. 
  • Interceptive Orthodontics- Treatment for children to direct the eruptive teeth and emerging jaw in an aligned manner.
  • Oral Surgery- Reconstructing the ridges of gum for fine jaw reposition will align the teeth perfectly. 

What are the costs of crowded teeth treatments in the UK?

The costs of regular crowding solutions in the UK are:

  • Orthognathic jaw surgery- £10,000 to £20,000/surgery
  • Invisalign- £4000 to £7000/set
  • Clear correct aligner- £4000 to £6500/case
  • Lingual braces- £4000 to £7000/arch
  • Ceramic braces- £2500 to £5500/arch
  • Six month smile- £2000 to £3500/arch
  • SPR or Inman aligner- £1800 to £3000/arch 
  • Cosmetic contouring- £150 to £500/tooth
  • Routine fillings- £50 to £100/tooth

Multiple clinics offer flexible expense disbursement monthly making the treatment really affordable for you! There is no need to delay the treatment with lame excuses as it can completely ruin the oral health leaving no options to fix later. During the consultation with the esteemed orthodontist ask for bespoken assessment and solution depending on your condition. 

Get early treatment for your crowded teeth at Smile Clinic London

If not treated on time, crowding can degrade the oral condition resulting in jaw damage and tooth destruction at the same time. The advancement of latest invisalign discount UK , orthodontic solutions can eradicate the issue giving a healthy bite and confident smile. Make an appointment at The Smile Clinic London, Invisalign London to perform the treatment by an experienced dentist. 

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