Key Trends Transforming Custom Home Sale into a Meaningful Investment

If you are contemplating selling your home, keep in mind that the value of the property is likely to be based on what buyers are willing to pay for your home. So, there is likely to be a lot of effort right from connecting with a real estate agent to including features to ask for more prices.

A good step would be to begin exploring the current prices of Okanagan homes for sale. That way, you can get surer about the asking price you are planning to set. However, before that, you need to work on the features that fulfil the basic needs of buyers and create a lifestyle tailored to their preferences.

Read on to know the trends that are shaping up houses for sale in Okanagan and help you earn more money. Once you know about these trends, you will come to know how to elevate properties to new heights and drive the value of homes forward.

  • Integrating smart home features

Integrating smart home technology is a continuing trend and is still a top-selling feature. From creating automatic lighting fixtures and climate control security systems, buyers are likely to be more inclined to pay a premium amount for residences complaint with smart features. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to make your new house feature-rich for entertainment purposes as well.

  • Create a flourishing outdoor space

The trend of making outdoor spaces perfect began at the time of the global pandemic and it is still on. Homeowners today are as enthusiastic about designing the exterior space as they are about the interiors of the home. You will come across West Kelowna lots for sale with vibrant outdoor spaces that align with the recent trend.

Outdoor kitchens, attractive landscaping, and beautiful seating areas that are a look-alike of extended living rooms are doing the rounds. As we near the end of the year, get a hang of which trends are likely to stay. That way, you can work out a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor features and include them in your house to fetch more money.

  • Home offices and other flexible spaces

Residences are no longer built on trends or traditions alone. There are plenty of other parameters based on which you need to intensify the search. For instance, home offices with suitable features have emerged as one of the most vibrant options today. With remote work opportunities gaining popularity across the world, dedicated home offices are not going anywhere right now. Custom homes with well-designed home offices and flexible spaces are the demands of a modern work-life balance is the highly sought-after options.

  • Custom kitchens

Custom kitchens have become the heart of every residence. No wonder Kelowna luxury homes for sale are exhibiting a similar trend. Thanks to smart features, custom homes are becoming a must-have in custom homes with high-end appliances, creative storage solutions, and designer cabinetry. Including these features in the kitchen will help you add trending features to your kitchen without worrying about whether the home will command more money during a sale.

  • Sustainable spaces

With eco-conscious customers, permeating the home selling trends is easier. Thanks to sustainable features like solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and green building materials are known to reduce the environmental impact. Today’s buyers would be more willing to invest in a greener lifestyle.

  • Spa-like bathrooms

Homebuyers are more likely to value spa-like bathrooms for their homes. So, you will find more luxurious bathrooms in custom homes with a plethora of features like oversized showers, high-end fixtures, and free-standing tubs. That way, the home’s value will go up significantly.

  • Enhance the curb appeal

You will not get a second chance to rev up the first impression if you fail to pay attention to the curb appeal of your home. Do what you can from pruning the bushes to mowing the lawn and enhancing the look of your front door to make the buyers feel welcome. Ask for recommendations from custom home builders to know how you can add to the curb appeal of your home. Touch up the exterior with paint or add potted plants on the window box to reveal the charm of your residence.

What to stay attuned to the latest trends when planning to sell your home? From smart technologies to sustainable features, you need to create an opportunity for homebuyers to go beyond the ordinary. So, incorporate these trends into your custom home design and welcome the discerned buyers to get a perceived value of the property to sell your house quickly.

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