August 13, 2022

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How to Do Data Recovery From Toshiba External Hard Drive?

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Usually, there are two kinds of hard drive formatting; one is physical, and the second is logical. Has your Toshiba hard drive undergone any of these two formattings? We have a solution for you.

It doesn’t matter how your data got deleted; you can still recover it from the crashed Toshiba hard disk. No, you don’t need to visit a Toshiba external hard drive recovery or expert professionals. Furthermore, you can try some DIY techniques to get back formatted data.

Well, this guide consists of all of the important elements regarding data recovery from a Toshiba hard drive. Read on!

Points To Remember Before Data Recovery 

Before you hop on to the data recovering solutions, we will discuss the successful chances of getting your data back. So, if your hard drive is crashed or formatted, there are some essential points you have to practice. Additionally, it will increase the chances of data recovery from the Toshiba hard disk.

Byte-to-byte backup

You can say image-byte-to-byte backups are a complete copy of your hard disk. To reduce the chances of overwriting, choose file recovery by the image file rather than your actual drive.

Stop using it

If you continuously use a damaged drive, there will be fewer chances of recovering data. If your data is overwritten on a hard disk, the recovery chances decrease automatically.

Avoid formatting the hard drive.

If your hard disk crashes logically, people often advise you to format it while connecting it to your device. Ignore this advice thoroughly. 

We repeat never format your hard drive; it will delete all your saved data from the hard disk. 

Furthermore, following the above-listed three rules will increase the chances of data recovery from a corrupted hard drive.

How To Perform Toshiba External Hard Drive Data Recovery? 

1. Using a software

First, you have to download a reliable Toshiba hard drive recovery software. Choose the drive from your hard disk, the same one where you accidentally formatted or lost data.

  • Click on the “Scan” button. It will help data recovery software to scan lost files or data.
  • If scanning is completed successfully, then go to “Search files or folders” and click on it.  
  • This will provide you access to your lost files. Choose folders you want to recover and choose “Recover” to save it on the other location.

2. Toshiba Recovery Utility

There are some laptops that have the Toshiba Hard Drive Recovery Utility option. It is saved in a special place on your hard disk. Therefore, if you lost data, the utility is the best for ‘recovery’ of data from a hard disk drive. Now, learn to apply it practically.

  • First, press the zero (0) key. There you will see three choices.
  • Image restoration to C: It’s an advanced option with partition with user-specified size.
  • Restore partition C: It’s for HDD and doesn’t need to change the size of the current partition.
  • Last is the restoration of the original factory image and the highly recommended option.

You can select any one of three as per your requirement.

3. Toshiba external hard drive recovery 

Well, it’s your last option if the above two are not successful. You can take your drive to an expert and ask them to recover data. Further, it will hardly take 4 or 5 hours or maybe less than that to recover data. 

Data recovery experts are equipped with much industry-grade equipment and technical expertise. Moreover, it helps to analyze your Toshiba hard drive and recover lost data. Although Toshiba hard disks are built up by intricate hardware, they are vulnerable to any physical damage. But if your hard disk is formatted logically then you must go for professional advice. 

Bottom Line

Same as other hard drives, Toshiba hard drive data recovery is possible. It’s necessary to make sure that the less you use a hard drive after corruption, the more chances you will get back the lost files.

So has this guide solved your problems? If yes, then great, but if you need a hard disk data recovery Singapore, then we can help you. Further, let us know if you need any assistance from a data recovery professional.

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