Two Steps to Getting Rid of Depression

We sometimes feel down because of any upsetting circumstance or a sad event such as losing a loved one. This is a normal response of any human being to a sad or overwhelming situation. Depression, on the other hand, is a complex medical condition and it can affect you in more ways than you may think.  

Depression – a complex mental health disorder

Most people think that depression only affects the mood and makes the person feel sad. However, depression can also significantly affect several aspects of our daily lives that have no relation with the mind, including your appetite, sleep patterns, and physical energy, to name a few.

You can find your way out of depression with the help of two steps that involve your psychological doctor and you because your involvement in the overall treatment is going to be crucial for the best outcome. Medications and psychotherapy, as well as lifestyle changes, are two factors that may help you overcome depression. 

Read ahead to dive deeper into the causes and symptoms of depression, before understanding the treatment options.

What might cause depression?

One may be biologically vulnerable to depression. Causes of depression may not be only biological as these can also include circumstances and many more factors including:

  • Personal conflicts – Personal conflicts may cause depression if the individual is biologically susceptible to the depression
  • Medication- Some medicines can also have depression as one of the side effects. Share details of your past and present medication with your psychological doctor for the correct diagnosis.
  • Advancing age – Growing old can also make you vulnerable to depression especially if you are staying alone or there is no social support.
  • Abuse – Abuse can be in multiple forms such as emotional, physical, or sexual. It is often a cause for depression.
  • Genes – The risk of depression may be higher if there is a family history. Depressive disorders are complex traits, as they are most likely caused by a combination of various genes that exert small effects, rather than one gene that has a huge impact. It is not easy or straightforward to determine the genetic contributors to depression, as it is with most disorders of the mind.

There is continuous medical research to understand multiple aspects of depression, such as the involvement of brain structure and so forth. It may not always be possible to pinpoint the cause of depression in every case.

Key symptoms of depression you need to look for

Constant feelings of sadness for over two weeks can be a sign that a person is fighting depression. An accurate diagnosis of depression can only be made by a qualified psychological doctor. Depression can give rise to a myriad of symptoms. Look for any of the following to suspect depression:

  • Sudden outbursts of anger and irritability
  • There is a change in your appetite and weight
  • Activities and hobbies have lost their appeal to you 
  • Frequent desire to commit suicide
  • Loss of decision-making ability
  • You are having difficulty focusing or concentrating
  • Constantly feeling guilty and useless
  • You are lethargic and lacking strength in daily activities and work
  • You are oversleeping or sleeping too little 

If you feel that you may have depression, then schedule a consultation with an expert for diagnosis and psychiatrist treatment in Coimbatore to know whether you are suffering from a Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

Two ways to combat depression

As mentioned earlier, adopt a two-pronged approach to deal with depression effectively. The first and the most important step is consulting a psychiatrist in any of the best psychiatric hospitals for a proper diagnosis and medical treatment. The second step is your involvement in making small but important changes in your outlook and routine. Besides the medication and psychotherapy, taking care of yourself will help you recover much faster.

Medication & psychotherapy

Medicines can help you deal with depression but medicines alone are not effective in getting rid of the problem. Any expert physician from the best psychiatrist hospital in Coimbatore may suggest psychotropic medicines for up to several months. Stopping these medicines midway without informing your doctor may cause complications.

In psychotherapy, a qualified psychological doctor or a clinical psychiatrist adopts a specific approach of talking to you about your emotions and thoughts. This therapy aims at reframing negative thoughts and also discussing unpleasant events of life to help you recover from the effect of depression. They usually provide therapy for depression in around ten to fifteen different sessions. These sessions can bring significant relief from a variety of symptoms of depression.

Taking care of yourself with lifestyle changes

Being in the company of someone with whom you feel secure and comfortable sharing your thoughts, is a great way to beat the depression blues. Follow a healthy diet that is rich in magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins to reduce your stress levels. If you have depression, then you should completely stop drugs and alcohol. Avoiding processed foods is also necessary, as these foods can worsen the symptoms of depression.

Lethargy and lack of drive are some symptoms of depression. You should remain active despite this. Incorporate outdoor exercises in the daily schedule, such as walking and playing. These things will contribute in a big way to your efforts of combating depression. This will also help you get exposure to the sunlight, which will elevate your mood and infuse a sense of well-being. Getting seven to nine hours of sound sleep is also an important aspect of an early recovery from depression. Consult your psychological doctor if you are facing difficulty falling asleep as soon as you go to bed or if you are getting up too early in the morning.

The bottom line

You need not suffer in silence if you suspect you are a victim of depression. Sharing your thoughts with someone who is close to you or considering an immediate psychiatrist treatment in Coimbatore can improve your chances of beating depression. You will easily combat depression with the help of your psychiatrist and your contribution to change your lifestyle.