Dealing with Tinder clone development the smart way

Tinder has gained stronghold as one of the best dating apps at present. Over 20 billion matches were made so far ever since the app launched. Last year Tinder accounted to revenue summing up to a massive $1.2 billion. It’s worth is now estimated to be $10 billion. Almost ¼ of all people have used or currently using online dating services to find the right partner. Due to this, Tinder clones are gaining prominence all across the globe.

The key involved in developing a successful dating app or any type of Tinder clone is innovation. Carefully plan and design your target audience before paying critical attention to both front end and back end development where scalability, speed and user experience/user interface occupies top prominence. Finally, ensure robust and rigorous testing before the cross-platform or hybrid mobile app of yours gets uploaded to the App Stores (Google and Apple). There are a plethora of ways using which you can monetize your dating app to earn vast sums of revenue.

Tinder business model

The primary speciality that made Tinder so unique in the dating app industry was its special swiping feature. Daily there are 1.6 billion swipes across the planet. Its highly enthralling UI/UX is also one of the reasons for Tinder’s astounding success as a pioneer in the dating app domain. The branding strategy employed by Tinder was to flourish via word of mouth. The business model also features what is called the gamification of the dating domain and provides the best value for its user base. The aforementioned Swiping feature is the main feature that enchanted people to the already enthralling and tempting UI of the dating app. Tinder is simple to use, and it doesn’t bombard you with needless questions at all.

When we speak about the fantastic add-on features of Tinder, it includes Boosts, Super Likes and Subscription-based plans encompassing additional swipes and matches. The targeted demographics of Tinder fall in the age group between 18 and 80 and it’s trendy within the age group of the 20s

Revenue Model 

Speaking of the Revenue Model, Tinder is associated with what is called a Freemium Model. Here the app can be used with limited swipes and upgrading to a premium version is mandatory if the Tinder user wants unlimited swipes and ad-free usage as opposed to the standard version where there is a clickable ad forever 4 to 5 swipes.

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold Subscription plans include advanced features where the user can boost his/her profile so that it gets featured in other people’s recommendation lists. It also includes super likes and rewinding accidental swipes all coming with an ad-free experience. The user base can also make in-app purchases like super-likes and boosts. The former helps in displaying a profile with an optimistic and enthralling engagement towards the same. The standard version of Tinder includes only one Super like whereas Subscription-based plans feature 5 Super likes every day.  Boosts, as mentioned earlier, helps in making one’s profile appear at the very top of other people’s recommendation lists. Other ways to monetize Tinder clones include the likes of Ads, Paid Subscriptions and Third-Party Services.

Tinder clone prominent features

The following features are mandatory and serve to enrich the User Experience of the Tinder clone, thereby paving the way for great success in the dating app business domain. 

Social Media Sign in/ Registration: 

With this feature, the user can seamlessly login or sign up via social media networks that include the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc.

User Profile:

 As one of the features that occupy top prominence, it used in storing information of everyone who uses the Application. The data stored includes gender, picture, age, preferences, along with the name and a small bio. These play a significant role in making people contemplate in which direction they have to swipe.

Discovery Settings: 

These settings help the user base to refine how they can find other people via your Tinder clone app.

Match based Mechanic: 

This helps in recommending people to one another with the power of machine learning. It matches users based on swipe.


Once two users are matched up, they can start messaging and chatting privately with one another.


Use the power of GPS within your dating app to allow local singles to meet each other. It also inputs the user’s location to find some social spots for dating.

Should the need arise, you can also integrate more captivating features within your Tinder clone.

Some of them include the following like

a. Robust Artificial Intelligence Algorithms (For getting a matching profile more seamlessly)

b.Risk Score (Optimizing the reliability of a pattern by associating with personal ID information and thereby promoting a robustly safe online dating environment. Another benefit here is that it reduces Catfishing)

c. Spam Detection (Helps in reporting as well as the removal of spam messages) and 

d. Food/Lifestyle Preferences to match people who have the same inclinations as associated with food and lifestyle.


When it comes to developing a robust dating app solution from scratch, it involves a lot of risk in addition to being a highly cost-consuming venture as well. Thereby you must choose a highly reliable and reputed company like Tinderboxsolutions for your enterprise. It has the right development team, which can develop a cost-effective and powerful Tinder clone solution based on your specifications within the shortest period. Our all-inclusive services fall between the range of $5000 to $10,000 depending upon the complexity and features of your dating app. Visit us at to know more.

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Vinoth  is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Tinderboxsolutions, which is a leading Canadian based Technological company. Tinderboxsolutions is known globally for developing sophisticated Dating App solutions and other clone products at cost-effective prices.

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