The Art of Debating & Its Role in Child Development

The art of debating has gradually taken over as a necessary inclusion in the recruitment and selection industry. It is considered a vital criterion for the selection of candidates for key roles in corporates. Even though most people see debating as a new-age concept, the first roots of this activity can be traced to Ancient Greece, where philosophical debates held the throne. A counterpart to this came to life in the 18th Century, with the art of debating being polished further in this age of enlightenment.

As a 21st-century educational institution, LPS Global School, regarded as the best school in Noida Extension, works towards uniting the best of activities and skill classes so that students become ready to face the challenges and competition in the world beyond school. One of the highlights of our school in this regard is the “Debating Club.” The motive behind initiating the club at school is to provide a platform and voice to young minds at our school, enabling them to put forth their viewpoints and opinions with utter confidence.

We firmly believe that given the constant surge in competition in today’s day and age, grooming debating skills in children has become more than necessary. Besides, there are many other benefits as well that make it extremely important for children to be exposed to debating. Let’s look at some of these benefits in this article today.

debating art role

Helps sow seeds of critical thinking in young minds:

Often confused with illogical arguments, a fine line separates logical debates from empty disagreements. One of the first skills that debates instill in children is the sustainable ability to think critically and rationally.

Debates involve not just throwing random thoughts in the air but analyzing the relevance of the opposite person’s account so that meaningful questions can be asked and power-packed conclusions derived. This is the primary aim behind establishing the Debating Club at our school. Along with instilling crucial debating skills in children, the debating club also contributes to building their overall academic proficiency and imparts them with the confidence, skills, and know-how to shine the brightest when it is time for them to step out into the corporate world.

Articulates thoughts:

As an individual, you may have a lot to express. However, this “lot” means nothing if you are unable to articulate your thoughts and clearly put them before an audience in the form of a strong and comprehensible message.

This is where debating skills come to the rescue of children by helping to build their communication abilities. After all, in today’s world, there can be no compromise on excellent communication skills. This helps lay a strong foundation for children enabling them to stand their ground on matters they disagree with or make noise on topics that need special attention to get the ball rolling.

Leads the path to growing into lifelong learners:

“Learning is a continuous process.” It indeed is! After all, learning is something that is neither confined to books nor classrooms. It comes most naturally from observing and listening. This is exactly how debates work, wherein learning seeps automatically in as a partner of change.

At LPS Global School, we have always been highly passionate about creating individuals who know how to capture knowledge from the most common of things or scenarios. This, we believe, is essential to ensure that our children can think creatively and out of the box. This is where we have witnessed debates working fantastically well in the interest of all students, irrespective of their intellectual intelligence or wavelength.

Every time a student participates in a debate, it becomes necessary for them to search for facts, highlight statistics, and refer to studies related to the subject at hand. During the process, children get to understand the criticality of having their research boots on and learn to tap into a mix of theory, practical learning, experiences, and observational insights.


As one of the top schools in Noida Extension, we at LPS Global School have always had our priority focused on the holistic development of our pupils. Thus, though academic performance holds a lot of value, we have always strived not to let our students feel over-pressured under the pool of academia. Instead, the focus is on crafting the right mix of theory and skill-based activities for children with an intention to not only help shape their abilities but also bring them better clarity on ideas and career paths that they would like to pursue in the future.

The ability to communicate clearly and confidently and put forth one’s ideas only becomes possible with an early push, something that the Debating Club at LPS Global School makes a reality. Thus, come what may, we continue to encourage children to keep their debating hats on!