Dental Problems That Can Result in Tooth Loss

If you’re not worried about losing teeth, you should. Here’s why:

Residual Ridge Resorption

It is a phenomenon that describes the recession or resorption of the gum structure, which is a process that happens throughout the span of our lives. This process can be sped up in patients suffering from edentulism (rapidly losing teeth or having no teeth) and inevitably cause a series of associated problems.

Impaired Masticatory Function

Mastication is the process of breaking and chewing down food. A masticatory function, therefore, is the bite and chewing pattern of the teeth. When we lose teeth, our mouth starts to recede and the remaining teeth start to shift from their original positions. This results in abnormal growth, forcing the jaw to align it in the right way for proper mastication. Since the right position has been compromised, the abnormal bite pattern becomes a habit and can worsen and result in TMD development.

Self-Esteem, Confidence and Social Problems

While an edentulous person is enduring excruciating pain in one of the most sensitive parts of the body, they also have to face social problems. More specifically, with shifting teeth that result in crooked and misaligned shapes, the difficulties of going through everyday social interactions can become dangerously harmful. Individuals can develop serious mental and social disorders if the condition worsens.

Dental Problems That Cause Tooth Loss

Now that we’re clear about the consequences of tooth loss let’s get to its prevention. We know that unless you suffer damage, don’t observe proper hygiene or get diseases such as diabetes, you can expect tooth loss.

Fortunately, our teeth can give out numerous symptoms that can be used to diagnose problems early on. With the exception of a few, every disease gives out its symptoms in the form of appearance, pain, irritation, etc. For example, discolouration of teeth or having bad breath can be symptoms to look out for. However, to be completely safe, we recommend getting in touch with a reputable dental clinic in Dubai and checking in regularly.

Make sure you watch out for the following dental problems that can cause tooth loss:

Gum Disease

Periodontal or gum disease has been ranked as one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Gum disease can either be periodontitis or gingivitis. It’s crucial to keep checking in with your dentist on at least a monthly basis to make sure you’re not developing gum disease.

This is because this is one of the more complicated dental problems that give out symptoms at a later stage. At this point, you’d either have bleeding gums, swollen gums, sensitive and aching gums, etc. Brushing your teeth without proper flossing is also an open invitation to problems like gingivitis. Similarly, not checking in with a doctor, especially if you’re a male and above 35, is extremely dangerous.


Also known as tooth decay, cavities are one of the most common tooth killers you can face. As the word decay shows, after the slow process of disintegration reaches the final point, a tooth becomes hollow. This hollow structure eventually opens up in the form of a hole in the teeth, compromising the overall tooth structure of even adjoining teeth. Our teeth consist of a pulp that cavities feed on.

The most common causes of cavities include a high intake of sugar, especially in the form of fizzy drinks and soda. Moreover, having a lot of fast food coupled with a lack of dental hygiene is sure to cause cavities.

Physical Trauma

Physical injuries sustained by the teeth often result in chipped or broken tooth structures. In fact, this can result from decaying teeth infected by bacteria as well. In either case, not losing a tooth isn’t exactly a win-win situation. There are other invisible problems that could be a consequence of this.

Sometimes, physical traumas to the teeth can cause problems in surrounding teeth due to impact or later complications. It’s best to have a dentist have a good look at you before you give yourself the all-clear.


While there are many other problems like Arthritis, Hypertension, Arthritis, and even smoking that can cause tooth loss, hygiene and medical attention are your only allies. Not only do you have to focus on regular hygiene and follow prescribed protocols, but you also have to check in regularly.

In the case of suffering from tooth loss, you’ll need to search for clinics to get a dental implant in Dubai. Make sure to check in with a good dental clinic like Sameday to have expert medical attention and professional advice.