DesignCap – An Application to Create Presentations Easily

Practically in any field, it is necessary to make a presentation for your clients,  teachers, colleagues, etc. In this sense, an excellent tool is Microsoft PowerPoint. However, in addition to being a paid tool, the truth is that there are many other online tools with which we can make beautiful and professional presentation slides.

Now, there are many factors that we have to think about when choosing a useful tool. We need to know our own needs well. In this article, I’ll talk about a series of tips and the tool DesignCap Presentation Maker so that the result of your presentation slide will is the best possible.

Tips to make good presentations

First, let’s see some practical tips to create a good presentation.

Choose a good design.

Many applications to create presentations would provide some default templates that we can use completely free and easy. In this way, it is enough to pick the one we want and start designing it.

If what we want is to make a unique presentation, we can make it by manually changing the design elements. For this, many applications usually offer all kinds of shapes, icons, types of fonts, color palettes, etc.

Quality images

Presentations with a lot of text will be very dull, and it may make our clients feel frustrated and disappointed. Therefore, it is always advisable to use amazing images that are as graphic as possible so that everything we want to show can be seen at a glance. It is easy to understand and retain. In addition, good images related to our topic are able to capture the interest of the audience.

Avoid making presentations too long

It is proven that a presentation slide that is too long causes viewers to lose interest or attention. So we must control times well, reflect the most important in a schematic way, and leave the key points very clear.

Use DesignCap Presentation Maker

DesignCap Presentation Maker is one of the great revelations when we talk about this type of tool. The ability to quickly and easily create truly modern and eye-catching designs makes DesignCap a choice for many users looking for a tool to create presentations. Of course, it can be one of the most straightforward tools to handle.

It is an online presentation application that we can use it anywhere. All the text, images, charts, and elements are placed on an infinite canvas that allows you to make a non-linear presentation. 

How to create presentations

To take advantage of its cloud feature in this application, you must create an account under an email. Otherwise, you can access it with your Facebook or Goggle account easily. 

Choose a template

Once you have accessed the DesignCap tool, you will need to create a new presentation. To do this, select “Get Started Now” and click on the template that you like the most. There are many different slides with different colors and organizations.

Deal with different slides

DesignCap will open the template you selected. On the left, you can see each of the slides. If you enter one of them, you can modify the text and images. Move the photo around, change the size, select a font, add a chart, map, etc. Adjust it as many changes as you need to create the best presentation.

Finish your work

Once you deem appropriate, you must save your work. Clicking on the “Present” button located in the upper right corner of your screen, you can show all the slides with transition beautifully. You can also download your presentation to your computer as JPG, PNG, PDF, or PPTX. Everything is ready.

In brief

For work meetings, class teachings, university presentations, and many other occasions, presentation slides are very helpful in explaining short ideas. Although Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint program has traditionally been the most widely used tool for these jobs, DesignCap is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease of use and a wide selection of art resources. Try it out now. 

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