What is difference between PCB and PCBA?

In this write up, we discuss what is difference between PCB and PCBA?

First and foremost, we talk about PCBs and their uses and types

A printed circuit board or typically known as PCB is a thin board employed to connect and mechanically support electronic parts making use of copper tracks in place or wires. Holes created in the board are used to fasten the electronic parts in line. Afterwards they are soldered to lock them in line & the copper tracks connect them together making a circuit. 

In the present time, after the design method has been conducted making use of CAD or computer aided design & a plan is formed the production of printed circuit boards could be prompt since it is automated via machinery & the latest technology. Afterwards the testing as well as quality control part of the method comes into the picture. 

Whilst loads of manufacturers had versions of printed circuit boards it was engineer from the country Austria named Paul Eisler who invented the printed circuit board in the year 1936 as component of a radio set. In the 1980s boards turn out much compact in size and had more features as well as the productions prices came down drastically because of the ability to make the boards and electronic parts in bulk. 

The thing that the circuit is over a secured board gives regularity to the design & as a result finding as well as spotting problematic electronic parts is much more effortless. This means that they are much faster to fix & keep up. This moreover means the likelihood of committing a mistake in rewiring in much lesser because the electronics are in a fixed line. 

Applications of PCBs

There are printed circuit boards literally in the majority of electronic things we view and make use of daily. They are majorly answerable for the fact that a lot of devices we employ every day are more compact yet have more technology within them. 

These comprise:

  • TVs & Radios
  • Juice machines
  • Laptops
  • Gaming gadgets
  • Radio sets
  • Dishwashers
  • Handheld phones
  • Oven
  • Alarm systems

You would also discover them in your cars and bikes (in head lights, tail lights, etc.). In case you are going to a holiday, you would also discover them in your airplane. Other uses consist of military as well as medical applications. So their availability is ubiquitous and there is almost on the Earth you can’t find them. 

What are the different sorts of printed circuit board?

There are a lot of different types of PCB named single sided, dual sided, multi layered, metal core, etc. Further, there are flexible and right printed circuit boards available in the market. Each printed circuit board has a different utilization and functionality. Single sided PCBs are employed when the costing is required to be maintained low over and above the design is plain. Dual sided PCBs are used for more dense circuits and it serves as the foundation for the largely boards produced. Multi layered PCBs are used in greatly complex circuits over and above are employed to reduce the volume and weight of gadgets and machines. 

Now, the other part of question i.e. what is difference between PCB and PCBA is discussed and the other part is PCBA. 

What is PCBA?

Printed circuit board assembly or typically called PCBA is the procedure wherein the electronic parts are assembled and soldered on a pre-formatted printed circuit board. The printed circuit board assembly could be carried out by numerous methods, nevertheless, the most common methods are SMT (surface mount technology) and TH technology (through hole technology). 

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