October 5, 2022

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Get Acquainted with Different Landscaping Services in Your Locality

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different landscaping services

Many homeowners have a different view of who a landscaper and landscaping services are. There are several kinds of landscaping services in your locality. It is excellent to know the different services offered by landscaping companies. Whether searching for a landscaping service for your small lawn or a more significant project, you must understand the different services they perform. 

Landscaping Services in Your Locality

Here are standard landscaping services offered by landscaping companies. This would give you insights into the kind of service to request for when in need of a landscape services.

1. Landscape Designs and Landscape Architects

Landscape Architects: these are licensed experts who design landscapes. To become a landscape architect, the individual must undergo a series of education and training. After completing school and an internship, the individual must pass a certification test.

Their level of schooling and certifications ranks and specialize them among other landscape architects. These people often work for the government, big developers, or architectural firms. Some other landscape architects prefer working for individuals. Whether working for individuals or the general public, one thing they don’t do is install or maintain landscapes.

Landscape Designers: Landscape designers’ job descriptions are similar to landscape architects. Only that they are without a license or schooling, similarly like the architects, they develop designs and drawings. But one fact is that they work on smaller projects like residential yards etc. They also do not install landscapes or maintain them. However, they mostly work as a part of the landscaping company that does installation and maintenance.

2. Landscape Contractors

Landscape contractors are experts in handling the installation of landscapes. They install hardscapes and plants as designed by landscape architects or designers. However, they don’t do the planning by themselves. Some states in the US require a professional license, while some do not require it. Depending on the landscape contractor’s job, they may require a license.

3. Lawn Maintenance Company

Mowing and edging companies are often referred to as landscaping companies. However, some of these companies do few landscaping services such as planting annual flowers, pruning trees and shrubs etc. They are majorly focused on landscape maintenance activities and not construction or design.

4. More About Landscape Designs and Building Companies

Landscape designs and building companies have experts that help both residential and commercial property owners develop great design ideas. They suggest fire pits, stone walls, water features, or a patio for converting your backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space. These companies help homeowners achieve their curb appeal and backyard living objectives. However, some building and design companies have departments that take care of maintenance. Depending on the landscape company available in your locality, you can discuss your landscape needs with them. 


If you need help with the right landscape services, you can go through your local directory for landscape services and get a reliable company or contractor. However, knowing what you want will guide you to choosing the best for you. If you are confused about landscape ideas for your space, you can reach out to an expert to guide you.

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