Different patterns of asthma and their diagnosis

People suffering from asthma wonder what the best treatment that will produce the best results is. When it comes to asthma we all rely on using inhalers mostly. But are there any other forms of treatment for asthma?

The next thing to understand here is that asthma symptoms are often confused with other symptoms. It is important to understand that there are a few other diseases that also have symptoms similar to asthma. These asthma-like symptoms can often confuse people and make them Use asthalin inhaler.

asthalin inhaler

First things first- how can you be diagnosed with asthma?

Generally when for the first few days you have asthma symptoms like shortness of breath or coughing you will visit the doctor. The doctor will ask you to have certain tests based on which they will be able to provide conclusive observations.

There are lots of initial tests that the doctors might ask you to do. There are many respiratory infections and COPD diseases that can have symptoms similar to asthma. The doctor will usually check the condition of your airways and find any traces of infection or diseases in your lungs.

Here are some of the tests that are asked by doctors to check whether you have asthma-

Two tests are conducted largely to find out whether you have asthma. This are-


This test is usually enough to determine the amount of air that you can inhale and exhale. Sometimes due to the narrowing of the airways, the amount of air passing through can reduce significantly resulting in tightness of chest and feeling of breathlessness. It also measures your breathing rate and how normally or easily you are breathing.


This is a test that is used to identify how hard you can breathe out. This means that how deeply you can exhale. A lower rate is than usual is good enough to identify that you are lungs are not able to perform at their peak condition. It is important for you to immediately use asthalin inhaler if you are such findings after the tests are conducted. 

How does an inhaler work?

An asthalin inhaler works by opening up the pathways and easing the airflow through them. During an asthma attack, your airways will stiffen and become narrow. This usually happens due to the airways becoming inflamed.

This happens when a person prone to asthma is exposed to an environment having allergens that the patient is prone to. As the allergens get in the airways the autoimmune response is triggered and our airways start becoming narrower to prevent the allergens from getting deeper into our body. Due to this narrowing of the pathways, you have all the asthma symptoms such as coughing, breathing difficulty, wheezing, tightness of the chest, fast and irregular heartbeat, breathing through the mouth, etc. To prevent yourself from asthma attacks you also use ketosteril tablets as a preventive measure.

Treatment for asthma

Now that you have been diagnosed with asthma what are the treatment options available to you? It is important to know that there is no permanent cure for asthma available to date. The approach for the treatment of asthma is long term and is generally preventive. This means that you have to maintain certain precautions and keep taking your ketosteril medicines or inhalers as prescribed by the doctor.

Here are the two major forms of asthma treatments-

Using inhalers to treat asthma

Of course, there is a widely accepted form of treatment called and that is either the use of asthalin inhaler.

But is the use of inhalers proposed to everyone? In most cases, Aerocort Inhaler can be used by all asthma patients unless that has other respiratory disorders. The use of an asthalin inhaler has been found to effectively work in reducing the symptoms of asthma.

It requires you to take some puffs i.e. taking some deep breaths while holding the inhaler in your mouth. When you do this the substance present in the inhaler also known as a bronchodilator substance is good enough to ease the stressed and tightened tissues. This ensures that your airway tissues get relaxed and go back to their normal state. This ensures the widening and the reduction of the inflammation of the airways.

Medicines for curing asthma

Like inhalers, medicines will also provide immediate relief. They can also be used for protecting yourself from the chances of an asthma attack. So you can take a pill of ketosteril tablet while going outside and if you have a dust allergy.

The use of medicines will also help you to prevent the inflammation of the airways. This reduces the chances of an asthma attack, but the use of medicines must be done only after taking permission from the doctor. Some factors play a crucial role when it comes to using ketosteril tablets. These are age, possible allergens of asthma, physical disorders, etc.  

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