How To Avoid Difficulties Face In Job Hunting Process During Halloween

Halloween has always been a scary and spooky time for everyone, isn’t it? But, for some, all of the scariness and anxiety is magnified by a need to hunt an ultimate treat – a rewarding job. Oops-a-daisy!

As you roam around your neighbourhoods “knocking on doors” you might feel haunted by the ghosts of your uncertainty, past experiences, self-doubt, previous rejections, and much more. Ooh, shudder!

Is there any way to shoo away these ghosts? Definitely, there is! And for that, you will need some useful tricks to challenge your perspectives as well as prepare and build your resilience. By doing so, it will help you face these unwanted fears quite easily. Isn’t that what we want?

So, are you ready to open the creaky doors to the haunted house of job-hunting with us? Muster up some courage and let us face these anxiety-ridden concerns by reading this blog.

How To Avoid Difficulties Faced In The Job Hunting Process

Do Your Homework And Carve Your Plan:

A lot of candidates do this mortal sin of not knowing anything about the job position that they applied for, prior to their interview. The better you will prepare, the more effective results you are going to get.

Carve your job search as you carve out a pumpkin on Halloween. Prepare a plan, decide what you want, the type of company you wish to work for, and the minimum salary you expect for the position. Once you get answers to these questions, it is time to get your resume ready. You can ask any entry level resume writer to do this work for you. So, you see, it is a piece of cake!

Don’t Take “No” As A Failure:

Job hunting is more or less like trick or treating. Halloween is the time when everyone cherishes getting scared, and job hunters must also use the same approach. Finding a new job is a perfect chance to come out of your comfort zone to try something that can be scary yet rewarding.

Whether you would like to work in a new setting, change your career, or prefer to work in a different company, job hunting is going to be tricky. So, as a job hunter, you have to polish your ability to push yourself to new limits. Don’t get afraid of getting afraid. Sometimes, getting a little scared is a good thing, especially during the spookiest times of the year – Allhallows’s Eve!

Know What You Need:

Hunting for a new job isn’t all gloom and doom. So, get excited about exploring various options and starting your new venture. Take inspiration from other people working in your industry. Now is the ideal time to aim high.

It might seem a little crazy and scary at first, but once you start seeing some jobs that match your requirements, you will get excited over it in no time. So, enjoy this time find new opportunities and discover your options,

Bust Some Popular Job Hunting Myths And Legends With Us

Myth 1: Your College Major Determines Your Future Career Path:

It’s a foggy and dark night. The sound of crisp leaves rustling can be heard from everywhere, however, an eerie stillness has started to settle. You button up your warm cardigan to feel snug as you begin to submit the application to your dream job. As you start skimming the position requirements hurriedly, a spooky voice suddenly breaks the eerie stillness and pierces the night air. It declares: “Only your major will dictate your professional path, this is why, you won’t be fit for this position.”

Although your college major sets you up for a bright career success, especially if you apply for a specialized field. However, whatever you studied in your college does not always dictate your professional path. There are many fashion graduates who do not find their passion in dress forms and bolts of fabric. And it is completely OK! Moreover, not every science student ends up in a laboratory. That is OK too!

Myth 2: You Won’t Need A Cover Letter:

One of the most popular job-hunting myths that keeps us up at night is you don’t need a cover letter. Well, it can be true in some cases, however, that is not the case with every job opening. In today’s modern day and age, some job applications don’t require a cover letter. However, you must never underestimate its power at any cost.

The cover letters can be pretty impactful when you are applying for a position that puts a heavy focus on communication. If you don’t know how to write one for yourself, then you can seek help from any online top resume writing services and cover letter writing experts. A professionally written letter will help to show off your skills in a sophisticated manner.

Myth 3: Follow Up With The Hiring Manager As Many Times As It Takes To Land The Job:

Sliding into their DMs might be the perfect strategy to make new friends, but it is certainly not the best one to land a job. So, do not follow up with your hiring manager more than once or maybe twice.

Messaging them again and again will definitely not elevate your chances of getting a job, on the contrary, it might destroy them to bits.

There is a fine line between being clingy and being enthusiastic, try to strike the perfect balance. We encourage you to send them a thank you email, but refrain from shooting quick emails to follow up this Halloween. And that is it!

  • How to stop feeling discouraged when searching for jobs?

To stop feeling discouraged when searching for jobs, we think it is necessary to get out of your comfort zone and stay social with your family as well as friends. Instead of going into hiding to avoid the depressing questions of how your job hunting is going, be bold can confront such questions confidently. Don’t think twice about telling everyone that you are doing the best you can and are hopeful that you will land somewhere good soon.

  • Why is the job-hunting process so stressful?

The main reason why the job-hunting process is so stressful is because of the competition. Given the number of qualified people searching for work, this process is quite stiff. Moreover, your industry can also play a massive role in how many jobs are available.

  • What are the basic steps for the job selection process?

The exact steps in the job selection process vary with the company itself. However, the elemental steps include the following:

  1. Announcing a job opening.
  2. Reviewing resumes.
  3. Screening candidates one by one.
  4. Interviewing only the selected candidates.
  5. Final selection.
  6. Testing the potential candidates.
  7. Making an offer. 

Summing It All Up

So, by busting all the above-given myths, let us take the jump scares, fears, and ghosts out of the hiring process this Halloween. And leave them to where they belong – the haunted houses. If you have reached here, it means that you are well-familiar with what it takes to avoid difficulties faced in the job hunting process during Halloween. So, apply to your dream job openings without feeling scared and right now!

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