Looking for disposable coffee cups with lids wholesale?

Are you looking for disposable coffee cups with lids wholesale? Look no further we are here to resolve all your worry. This restaurant and kitchen business requires everything at one go. The need to buy disposable coffee cups online never ends. Here we provide you with a variety of shapes and sizes of coffee cups that are customized according to you your needs. We have been supplying the coffee cups and several other restaurant products to several owners. We are proud to admit that we are always able to go beyond their expectations. So let us understand one by one what procedure we follow to provide world-class services.

Looking for disposable coffee cups with lids wholesale?

Know about us 

We provide unique and versatile food packaging materials, kitchen equipment, Paper Napkins, dry groceries, tandoors, beverages at wholesale located in Queens, New York, USA. We aim to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers but without harming mother earth. That’s why we have eco-friendly products wholesale.

A quality that you can rely on 

Of course, the first thing that is noticed before selecting a product is its quality. The quality becomes the first level of filtration by anyone. We provide you with robust coffee cups that can carry your favourite beverages without any worry. You don’t have to worry about the outside particles and leakage. We have made sure that your impression in front of customers doesn’t get deteriorated. In fact, you will get additional points for your business.


The amount of coffee consumed by people from restaurants is a lot. That indeed increases the waste products. We are aware of the repercussions of waste products on the environment. That is the reason we have invested our time in creating bio-degradable disposable coffee cups with lids wholesale.


Indeed the essence of cold coffee and hot coffee hits you with different energy. You definitely don’t want that your hot coffee cold or vice-versa. The perfect temperature plays a huge role in enhancing the taste. We understand that takeaway orders travel distant places and sometimes it is difficult to maintain the required temperature. But not anymore, our disposable coffee cups maintain the desired temperature for a very long time so that you slowly enjoy your coffee the way you like. 


You can buy disposable coffee cups online without worrying about their cost-price. We provide you with such cost-efficient without compromising on the quality. We want every restaurant and kitchen owner to experience international standard services without that fits into their budget. These savings will indeed increase your profit-making too.


We understand the amount of energy and effort you put in to run your restaurant business. We provide you with the exact efforts that are needed for you. You can easily buy disposable coffee cups online that are very cost-efficient. Our products are recognised as a high -quality disposable cups. They will maintain the temperature of your favourite beverage for a very long time. In addition to that, these are eco-friendly products. For more information contact us: Restaurant Feeder