Do connecting multiple devices slow down your wifi?

The pandemic has transformed many aspects of our day to day lives but most importantly it has increased our dependency on the high-speed internet Corpus Christi. When the government announced to shut down schools and different workplaces to contain the spread of the virus, our only saviour was the internet. From attending online classes to streaming movies and web series or catching up with your loved ones on video calls, everything was possible because of the internet. Not only this but the pandemic also gave rise to work from a home culture which is still prevalent in various sectors.

Your smartphones, TVs and laptops are not the only things that are connected to the internet but from smart locks to the Amazon echo, our homes these days are filled with the internet of things. Internet of things or IoT is a term used to describe all the physical things or devices which have sensors embedded in them which gives them digital intelligence to process real-time data without human intervention.

Since we have started relying so much on the internet, it’s not uncommon for your internet speed to slow down when a lot of devices are connected to single wifi. If you are wondering why it happens and how you can fix it, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. In this article we’ll try our best to answer each and every question that may arise in your mind, so stay tuned!

The reason for internet slowdowns is when multiple devices are connected to the wifi

Technically, connecting many devices doesn’t slow down the internet speed that you are getting from your internet provider, instead, it reduces the speed of data being transferred from one device to another. To make things simple, let’s understand it in this way: wifi routers send and receive data from one device to another within a local area network. The data which is transmitted is broken down into small data packets, each labelled with a unique IP address so that it can reach the correct device.

Not every type of internet activity consumes the same amount of data. While browsing web pages or sending emails can be done very easily without a high-speed internet connection, streaming HD videos can have a considerable impact on the data being shared.

Think of it like traffic on the road. When there’s a rush, it will take longer than usual for vehicles to pass, especially when it’s heavy vehicles. On the other hand, small vehicles can pass through with ease. The same happens with the internet, when different users attempt to transfer heavy files at the same time, they experience slow internet speed.

How to avoid internet slowdowns

Limit the number of devices on your network

Given that each device connected to your wifi is going to decrease the available bandwidth to other devices, the most sensible advice we can give you is to not connect too many devices to your wifi. Now you may ask how many devices you can ideally connect to your wifi? It depends on your wifi router and access points. Some internet providers like AT&T internet Miami will let you stream up to 12 devices at once while offering you 1000mbps speed at the same time.

Removing network interferences

When certain concrete materials like reinforced walls or appliances are in between the router and the device you want to connect, then it may affect the signal strength. Therefore, to get the optimal speed, it’s best to place the router centrally so that the devices you want to connect are closer to the internet or there’s a clear path for the signal to travel to the device.

Upgrading your router or devices

The problem may not always be in your internet speed but sometimes your older laptops, computers, mobile phones or other devices with slower processors may be creating problems for you. Likewise, older routers could also be possibly put brakes on your connection. In this case, it’s best to upgrade your old router or a device to a new one.

Changing your internet plan

If none of the above is the problem and you are still facing network issues, then you might consider changing your internet plan. Perhaps the plan you are using was sufficient when you first bought it but can’t meet your current high online demand. In such cases, slowdowns are inevitable.

We suggest checking with your provider to see if there’s a better internet plan that can meet your data requirement. AT&T Miami internet offers unlimited data plans which can be a great choice. The plans by AT&T fiber Orlando starts from $30 which are also easy on pockets.

Installing an extra router

Another thing that you can do is, install an additional router that will distribute the load of your network. It will not only help you deal with slow speed but also boost your router’s strength to far-reaching areas.

While it is true that the signal strength starts to suffer when too many devices are connected to the same network, by checking all the above-mentioned factors, you can certainly increase the efficiency of your home network and get the fastest speed possible.