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Does Turnitin remember past essays?

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Yes, Turnitin keeps an everlasting file regarding the essay you submitted. It can detect previous papers submitted to it to maintain a file for future references Cheap Essay Writing Services.

Checking duplication in Turnitin:

When Turnitin checks for duplication, it not only gives a repetition rate percentage but also the source of the text suspected of plagiarism – that is, which book, which journal, which article, which paragraph was copied from whom, which version, which web page, will be ironclad.


Another fantastic thing about Turnitin is Self-plagiarism. For example, a classmate wrote an

excellent paper in the class assignment, of course, A, and passed it after submitting it to Turnitin. A month later, in the final exam of the B course, the student used 5 natural paragraphs from the previous paper. All these 5 honest paragraphs will be sentenced to plagiarism, and the object of plagiarism is himself.


The United States has a well-known anti-plagiarism document detection system, Crosscheck. Still, this tool mainly provides anti-plagiarism solutions for academic research and the publishing industry.

Its official website shows that CrossCheck’s anti-plagiarism detection documents have exceeded 50 million copies and are used by up to 80% of high-impact journals.

Crosscheck is different from Turnitin Turnitin mainly serves the education community, and Turnitin usually tests the originality of student papers.

University teachers will use Turnitin to grade assignments. After students submit their papers to Turnitin, the documents will be automatically included in the database; if they are offered again for the second time, the repetition rate shown in the Turnitin results will be 100%; if a paper fragment is submitted, the corresponding repetition rate percentage is displayed.

In CrossCheck, the paper will not be automatically included in the duplication check, and you can submit several duplication check tasks.

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Essay writing

Foreign universities have relatively high requirements for the originality of papers, whether it is a graduation work (Dissertation), a final or mid-term thesis (Essay ), or even a minor assignment (Quiz/Assignment).

At the beginning of the semester, professors will tell students the importance of distinguishing their own opinions from others’ ideas in their assignments: you can’t take what others have published as your own, and writing it without a mark is plagiarism. Some Chinese students who do not know where

It may be an unintentional mistake, but if they are identified as plagiarism, there is a high probability that there will be unbearable consequences in front of the evidence.

Usually, students will have an opportunity to defend themselves or plead for mercy, but there are very few cases where they can successfully clear their grievances.

How foreign universities deal with plagiarism

Foreign universities almost always adopt a “zero tolerance” attitude towards plagiarism because plagiarism directly violates the principle of academic integrity.

Plagiarism can expose students to penalties of Varying severity:

  1. The lightest is that the homework fails, and it is required to rewrite and submitted again
  • It is also possible to lower the score and deduct a part of the total score
  • Or fail the course, retake the exam
  • Suspension and expulsion are the worst
  • How to write a paper citation in a foreign university

When studying in foreign universities, a mature and complete library system will provide relevant training courses to teach college students how to avoid plagiarism. Given the particular situation of the new crown epidemic, most of this training has been converted to online, and the school has an IT team to produce related demonstrations or video teaching.

If some schools do not have the conditions to provide relevant courses, supplementary materials will be available. The responsibilities of librarians in Western universities are far greater than those of domestic librarians and, generally speaking, their service. Their attitude is excellent, so

even if they can’t directly help you find materials, they will try to find people who can solve the problem.

When it is necessary to quote the works of other authors, if you quote directly, that is, without changing a word, you must clearly state the source. If the quoted sentence is relatively short, write it now in the paragraph, and use quotation marks to mark the beginning and end of the quotation. If the quoted sentence is too long, it should be listed in a separate paragraph. If italicized or bolded, it should be marked, and it can also be indented… The opposite of a direct reference is an indirect reference.


The key to indirect references is Paraphrasing. Rewriting is a strong thesis writing skill buy essay cheap. It is not simply changing a few synonyms or synonyms for the sentences that need to be quoted in the original text or changing the order of some corrections, but Paraphrasing the literature and using the words you read in your understanding. Say it exactly. The content belongs to other authors, and the people who relay it are fellow students. It is necessary to make it clear to whom these views belong.

Plagiarism of papers is taboo; please keep it in mind!

When writing an essay, you must learn to cite correctly. If you are not very good at writing, you should ask a librarian or a relevant teacher for help. You are welcome to choose our website to provide you with academic counseling, a one-stop academic assistance center, and various types of study abroad thesis assignment writing and revision and polishing services.

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