Does Xiaomi Home Security Camera Completely Secure?

The security camera used increases every day because the robbery case also increases in every department. Then the people install a security camera for surveillance in the home. Because the camera provides full protection and you freely roam everywhere. But nowadays, people like that camera that surely connects to the mobile phone. After connecting to the mobile phone, you receive a live notification and you are fully alert. Then, one camera is there that surely connects to the mobile phone. This camera is a Xiaomi Home security camera. Because this camera is of high technology, all features are included. It surely connects to the WiFi network and then functions very well. Ordinarily, the Xiaomi home security camera delivers incredibly smooth 1080P clear images. It enhanced a wide-angle lens that records full HD video.

Moreover, the Wide-angle lens of this camera removes the dead zone and delivers high-quality photos. With the 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz WiFi supports, this connection is very reliable & secure.  You usually use this camera outdoors as well as indoors. Although the MicroSD card slot is there in this camera then you simply insert the SD card. The Indicator lights are also there that provide the status of the camera. Sometimes the mi home security camera 360 blue light blinking means your security camera acquired the router information.

Incredible features of the Xiaomi Home Security Camera

The MI security camera is the best security camera because it perfectly surveillance indoor of your home as well as outdoor. Then surely your home fully protects from the thief. Thoroughly, it provides a clear HD picture & incredible HD video with the voice. Furthermore, this security camera has incredible features, which are fully explained below.

2.4/5 GHz WiFi network supported

The Xiaomi security camera fully works with the 2.4 & 5 GHz networks. Then it provides clear photos & videos. But to get clear photos & video you need to connect this security camera to the WiFi network otherwise, it is not working. One camera only supports a 2.4 GHz network then it does not work properly but this camera fully supports both the network. The 5 GHz network is more stable & reliable compared to the 2.4 GHz networks. Because the network speed is wider & higher. If you wish to get the HD quality photo to this security camera then you need to connect the security camera to the WiFi network. After being compatible with the WIFi network it provides a clear picture and no freezing.

Ultra-wide 130° Lens

Every security camera works with the Lens then it captures the video & photos. But other security cameras use low-quality lenses that do not deliver clear pictures. With this type of security camera, you cannot identify your things. But the MI home security camera enhanced the 130° Lens that is around in the whale home and fully works in any season. Some cameras only work in the dry season, as soon as the rainy season comes then this camera stops working. But this home security camera does not affect the rainy season. If the rainy season is coming but this camera stays connected and works the same. Thus, the ultra-wide-angle 130° lens thoroughly provides full protection, and this camera is completely secure.

1080P full HD resolution

The main feature of the Xiaomi wireless security camera is 1080P FHD resolution. With these features, this camera thoroughly provides the Full HD video that was recorded earlier. If anything is misplaced in your home and you are very upset. Then don’t worry with this camera, you can easily find out the thing in the proper manner. Because this camera works with 1080p resolution. This resolution absolutely delivers the recorded images in Full HD quality.

10m night vision

The Xiaomi home security camera fully works in the day or night. Some cameras do not perform in the night because the night vision feature is not there. But this security camera wholly works in the night vision. Because the 10m night vision features are included. That allows smooth work at night. At night, it also records the picture & video in Full HD quality. Thus, it is completely secure for your home.

Review of Xiaomi Home Security Camera

In my point of view, the MI CCTV security camera is the best security camera because it provides full protection. Then you & your family are fully secure. This camera works indoors as well as outdoors. Although, the 130° lens is built-in in this camera that securely records the videos & photos. T seamlessly works in the night and rainy season. The Mi camera fully connects to the WiFi network and people also like this type of camera that easily connects to the WiFi network. In the other words, my friend tells me the Google Nest camera also works with WiFi networks and the Nest camera setup is simple with the App. But the MI camera setup is also simple with the MI app. Thus, this CCTV wireless security is fully & completely secure.