Dresses For Short Girls: Tricks For Choosing Well 

Clothes not only serve as a letter of introduction and define our style, but they are also a useful tool to make us feel more confident about ourselves and make us look more beautiful. 

Short and petite women have the great advantage of being able to buy clothes in kid’s sections but, sometimes and to be frank, we can miss having a slimmer silhouette. To do this, we have a great friend and ally in clothes that can make us look taller or, at least, not shorter!

That said, here Albeli want to focus my efforts today on finding dresses for short women that are pretty and that combine those stylist tips and tricks that make the most of our height.

Tips for finding the perfect dress if you are short

We have compiled all the tricks approved by those who know the most about fashion and these are the style keys to keep in mind to wear a dress and gain a few centimeters. Take note!

Monochrome dresses

Dressing in the same colour from head to toe is a good way to give verticality to your silhouette and therefore height. Don’t hesitate and add shoes of the same color or vinyl, now that they are so popular.

Striped dresses

Verticals, please! Vertical stripes make us look taller and are always well-received in our wardrobe, whether on dresses or shirts. Likewise, avoid horizontals. If you love prints, such as flowers, make them rather discreet and small in size.

The importance of length

Showing skin is the best advice you can give a short woman when it comes to dressing. Exposed shoulders, back, necklines and legs will visually make us gain a few centimetres. That is why it is important to know what length of dress suits us. Much better are mini dresses or, at most, just above the knee. 

If you love long skirts that at least leave your ankle exposed, it is the resource to look slimmer. Another resource is to wear longer skirts with slits to show a little leg when we move.

Mark waist and size

A well-defined silhouette looks slimmer, so dresses that fit your chest and thorax will help you. If you have a tummy, choose dresses that are only fitted up to the height of the stomach and if you have a wasp waist, don’t hesitate, to cinch it.

Bardot mini dress

This mini-length dress with a Bardot neckline is taking the Asos website by storm, and we’re not surprised. It has everything to be our summer favourite. The ideal length is very versatile and flattering, as well as perfect for short women due to its shape. Magically lengthens the silhouette. It’s from the Asos Petite line.

Bodycon dress with zipper

Plain single-colour dresses are also a good option. In addition to being comfortable and wearable, this one has a front zipper that makes the dress gain verticality and makes us slimmer. The belt, in the same tone, also helps to style. It is also available in white.

Tulle dress with ruching

Another dress that is cute for short women and that, in addition to being flirty, is very flattering. Full skirts are not the best friends of little girls, but if you want to show off tulle, as in this case, opt for dresses that mark the waist with a gathered sash, for example. The result is very beautiful.

Striped dress

Of all the prints, the one that best suits short women is vertical stripes. They magically make us grow several centimetres. The V-neckline is also a great trick to elongate the silhouette. Women who want to conceal their hips can choose this dress.

Printed asymmetrical dress

This dress is a delight for summer: stylish, cool, versatile, on-trend… It has an animal print but is discreet so as not to make us even smaller and the fact that the skirt is asymmetrical lengthens our legs. Beautiful.

Buttoned midi dress

This is another ideal option for short women who do not want to be too short or tight. The buttons on the front elongate the silhouette and we can strategically open some to show more skin. This red colour is very striking and pretty, but it is also available in camel – with a very safari style – and it is ideal.

Pastel blue corset dress

It is knee length but the slit makes the legs look longer. The neckline, in addition to being stylish, also elongates the chest and makes it very stylized.

Long dress with slits

This dress is also very versatile and thoughtful, and despite being long it will flatter short women, thanks to the large openings in the skirt that are only visible in movement. Ideal for any plan.

Short dress with gathered neckline

Mini, monochrome, with a pronounced but flirty neckline… This dress is ideal for petite women and is a great fit for any event. The volume of puffed sleeves is not the best friend of short girls but if it is compensated by showing leg, for example, they are welcome.

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