How to drive like a professional driver in Dubai?

It is not an easy task to drive in Dubai and like a professional at that is nearly impossible without any training. Dubai has very strict traffic rules and you can get a big penalty if you drive out of line for even a second and this build pressure which causes a driver to panic and make mistakes. Experience is something that teaches the driver how to handle the pressure but even for experience you have to start from somewhere. Here are the tips on how to drive like a professional driver in Dubai.


The first thing that you should do is to learn all the traffic signs which are present on the road of Dubai to guide the drivers throughout the road. These sign are available in both English and Arabic so if you are a foreigner and do not know Arabic then English sign are there. All you have to do is remember all of them so you drive smoothly without breaking any traffic rules.


When you drive to somewhere you should determine that from route you are going to drive to reach your destination in the shortest possible time. You should even know the routes that going are going to take instead of the route that you determine in case if the road is busy or is under construction or any other situation which makes it impossible for you to drive your car on it.


For being a professional driver the first habit that you to adapt is to be punctual. Try to do all your work at time and apply it to the driving too like give yourself a time at which you leave your house and start driving and the time at which you should reach your destination and try to make it possible without breaking any traffic rule.


If you want to be a professional driver always remember to be at your best behavior because you can afford to be panic or rude. If you get stuck in some traffic and want to reach your destination in your set time then do not panic and start cussing at others because not only that will get you nowhere but also you can get a big penalty to your name and it is highly unprofessional too.


When you drive you should attentive to your surroundings and should keep your eyes on road. You can’t afford to get distracted by a call or a message because the only thing that needs your attention when are driving is road. You should when the fast speedy car is coming toward you so you can give them space or you have to change the lane.


You should drive properly if you want to drive like a professional. By properly means you should follow all the driving rules when you are driving like you should use indicator when you are taking turns or changing lane to let other drivers know your intentions.