Easy Earning with On Demand Gojek Clone App

Thinking about generating 10X your income? There is no other business solution better than the Gojek Clone App. Why? Well, this app helps you make money on every single service booking made on the application. As an entrepreneur, you will earn commissions as money from every single booking.

Well, besides making the money as commissions, you will also have multiple revenue streams. Want to know how you will be making money?

Gojek-like App – Multiple Revenue Streams

With a Gojek-like app, you can earn money from numerous streams. Let alone business models, two profit-centric models are curated to offer you easy money-making.

Let’s understand them one by one.

Commission-based business model

Under this business model, the service provider needs to pay a commission on every single service accepted on the app and complete them.

In case, the service provider does not pay the commission, they will no longer be able to receive service requests on Gojek Clone App.

Furthermore, it is you who has to decide the commission rate. Thus, you can collect different commission rates from different service genres.

Membership subscription plans

On the other hand, the membership subscription plan allows you to make money on every plan purchase, renewal, or upgrade.

For example, you will receive the entire money of the subscription plan purchased by the provider. As the app owner, you have the right to curate these subscription plans based on your requirements.

Each of these plans has a different time validity, price, and features as well.

Third-party Facebook/Google Ad Integration

Third-party ad integration enables entrepreneurs to earn money from every click on the app displayed on their home page.

For instance, a florist wants to promote their app. Now, they approach Facebook to run the ad campaign. As a part of that campaign, Facebook approached Gojek Clone App.

Say, you agreed to display their ad on your app’s home page. Now, every click on the ad from your platform will fetch you a predefined amount of money (1 click = $0.50).

Rest, you can do the math!

Commission from surge pricing

As the app owner, you can also make commissions on the surge pricing. Say, a customer has booked a car ride from one point to another.

The customer books the car ride frequently and it costs them about $40. However, one day, the price was $50 due to heavy traffic.

Now, on this particular ride, the entrepreneur gets to earn more commission than they normally do! Say, the commission rate is 10%. Thus, from the surged price, the app owner earned $5 as a commission!

Commission from the cancellation fee

The app owner gets to earn a commission on every canceled ride on the Gojek Clone App.

Say, a customer is charged $30 for canceling the service. Now, on this cancellation, the app owner gets to earn $3 as a commission (when the commission rate is 10%).

In Conclusion:

On a concluding note, it is clear how you plan to make money.

The question is when. Well, that is why you must get your hands on the best on-demand multi-service solution.

Get the Gojek Clone App from industry experts and launch your own app in just 1 to 2 days.