Top Facts about Eco-Friendly Apartments

Opting to live in eco-friendly spaces is mainly aimed at protecting the environment but also delivers a wide array of social, economic, and health benefits. As per the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), some of the advantages of such green real estate are improved comfort, lower operating costs, and higher levels of productivity, all of which improve the total quality of life.

No wonder most customers of luxury flats in Mohali prefer environmentally friendly apartments, and many opine that they would be willing to pay more as rent to save on energy bills. Therefore, green initiatives such as green building practices are skyrocketing globally. Such practices not only preserve scarce resources but also provide sustainable and economic benefits.

Tips for Selecting Green Apartments

Following are some tips to keep in mind while searching for eco-friendly apartments or condos:

Eco-friendly design and construction materials

Much raw material is used in the process of construction. Take care to leave a minimal carbon footprint by selecting an apartment with construction materials that are sourced sustainably. The latter include wood that is harvested sustainably and recycled materials such as steel beams created from scrap metal. Another example is low-VOC or VOC-free paint, which can improve the quality of air indoors. Carpeting and flooring can also be done with eco-friendly materials. Finally, after you begin living in the apartment, make it summer-ready by adding house plants.

Energy-efficient appliances

Such appliances play a major role because they are an important part of one’s daily comfort and routine. The energy efficiency of these appliances makes for a big difference. Take care whether appliances have the globally accredited ENERGY STAR rating, which can help you gain big savings.

Eco-friendly lighting

There are two ways in which light bulbs with energy efficiency are such important elements of green properties. Firstly, CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs) with ENERGY STAR rating endure for much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. This lowers the waste materials thrown into landfills and saves you from the costs of replacement. Secondly, eco-friendly bulbs make use of minimal energy without sacrificing the quality of light.

As such, CFLs have become a popular option recently, but there are equally good options like halogen bulbs and LED lights with ultra-efficiency. Though such lighting solutions might be costlier than traditional bulbs, they will save more money in the long run and are more kind to the environment.

Features for weatherizing

In a household, cooling and heating consume a major share of electricity consumption in a month. This contributes much to the quantum of emissions of greenhouse gases. It is crucial to check whether the insulation adjusts well to the weather for installing the most budget-friendly and energy-efficient cooling and heating system. In hot summers, the combination of sealed windows and excellent insulation helps to trap cool air. In winter, it can keep the apartment warm. In case the building lacks insulation, try to convince the landlord to install it or at least keep the windows sealed properly.

Fixtures for saving water

Though the supply of water may not be an issue in your property, a condo or apartment designed for optimal water efficiency serves as an excellent living space. It is good to conduct an inspection whether the plumbing system of the property is in a good state, without any leakage. An extra attractive feature is whether the building has features for recycling stormwater.

Location is everything

When you start apartment hunting, note that it is not enough to check only those features that are within the unit. It is also vital to consider the location of the unit. This is useful for your daily travel, whether to and from work, for your active social life, or for shopping, helping you save much time and money. Seek the best residential projects in Zirakpurwhich are close to your workplace and other locations that you frequent. Additionally, consider public transport facilities near your property.

Green practices

It is good to practice sustainability on a daily basis, both at the collective and individual level. Enquire from the landlord whether the apartment complex features eco-friendly practices like carpooling or recycling. Such activities not only save the planet but also encourage camaraderie within the community. Another practice is the use of electronic systems for all kinds of payment, which helps save paper and trees.

Net-zero properties

Most builders are pursuing the objective of constructing net-zero buildings; these are buildings whose consumption of energy is almost equal to their output of energy. The aim of such project of buildings is to lower water consumption, cut down emissions of carbon, and reduce the transport of waste to landfills.

Builders who wish to construct net zero buildings usually seek modes for generating renewable energy off and on-site. Popular methods include photovoltaics, wind turbines, and solar water heating. Off-site options comprise solar plants, hydro-power facilities, large-scale wind farms, and geothermal plants.

In sum, selecting an apartment can be tough for many people. Following the above tips can help you find the right apartment if you are keen on investing in an eco-friendly property. Though it could be costlier than other properties, you can enjoy a better sense of well-being.

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