October 26, 2021

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Why Should You Use An Eco-friendly Case For Your iPhone?

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Eco-friendly Case For iPhone

Over the past years, the purpose of having a mobile phone gradually turned from a mere commodity of luxury to an essential part of daily lives. We get remote job schedules managed, track our health plans, keep ourselves entertained, contact our family and friends when we are at another corner of the world, etc. with this smartphone. Surely there are other innumerable applications of this gadget. But, a smartphone is a really fragile device made of delicate electronic parts, plus, some are highly expensive, like the iPhone. That’s why phone cases are used to protect the gadget’s durability. 

But, with time, the purpose of using a phone case also turned from an object of protection to an object of displayable accessory. Manufacturers are, therefore, coming up with different designer plastic phone cases, every few days. And, these are getting a high sale-frequency on the market; which is ultimately harmful to the ecosystem. 

How? Well, plastic production industries produce tons of it daily, across the globe. But, the process of managing the plastic wastes ends up in landfills. These landfills may take hundreds and thousands of years to convert these wastes and still may not degrade completely.  It is because plastic is:

  • Not compostable
  • Not biodegradable
  • Made of harmful chemicals 

However, fortunately, eco-friendly phone cases are the sole solution to this problem. The good thing is it will not only keep the environment safe and pollution-free but also well-serve its purpose of being a phone case while staying fashionable. 

Advantages of Switching to Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

Eco-friendly phone cases are:

  • made of natural materials like wood, Cork, bamboo, flax straw, etc., and hence, free from chemicals and other artificial toxins
  • materials are sustainable,  easily biodegradable and hence, itss waste management its way easier and eco-friendly 
  • it is (Bisphenol A) BPA-free, which is otherwise a harmful industrial chemical that is meant to keep things long lasting by artificial protection layer. It has life treating effects if the products containing BPA are left to nature untreated or incompletely treated. 
  • Being aesthetic is the new trend and when it is about eco-friendly phone cases, then the first thing that comes to mind is a “classy look”. Luckily, there are some brands that are committed to delivering best-in-class wooden phone cases to their worldwide customers. Lastly, they are truly fashionable and give a much sophisticated outlook to the phone while safeguarding its longevity

Best Eco-friendly Phone Case Brand On The Market

When there are a number of top brands existing on the market, it becomes difficult to settle for a particular brand product. But, beware of the misleading brands that show themselves to be that what they are not in reality. 

Otto Case is an eco-friendly phone case brand that acquired much fame and reputation in a short time. The brand is truly committed to developing attractive yet durable wooden phone cases. These phone cases are developed with a 26 feet drop test. So, they can  handle accidental drops and protect your much loved gadget from severe damages.

The woods used in Otto Case are of walnut, rosewood, cherry, and bamboo. The enhanced rubber grip reduces risks of accidental slip. The best part of the Otto Case brand is the personalization feature that allows the customers to choose their favorite color and design from Otto Case’s list of 800+ designs. Else, you can message them any exclusive image that you want on your phone case. 

The brand has also endeavored to plastic recycling and “one tree planted” programs with the sole goal of reducing environmental pollution and bringing back the lost ecological balance with joined hands. 

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