Electric roller shutters – a modern alternative

There are many options for window furnishings, however some have more benefits than others. When choosing your next window furnishing you should consider:


Whatever window furnishing you decide on, you should make sure you can match the current colour of your home’s colour scheme. Electric roller shutters come in a range of colours. You can also add a unique touch by adding stripes or making the colour of the guides and pelmet different to the colour of the curtain.

Colours have a big impact on the visual appeal of your home. So, make sure you choose a colour scheme that is appealing to a large audience, to ensure you keep the value of your home high if you ever decide to sell.

Noise reduction

Windows can let a lot of noise in from outside. Electric roller shutters can reduce outside noise by up to 50%. This is perfect if you live on a busy road or if you have very noisy neighbours.


Some window furnishings have better thermal properties than others. Electric roller shutters can save you on heating and cooling by up to 40%. Quality electric roller shutters have foam insulation within the aluminum profile. This helps keep the heat out during summer, and the cold out during winter. As they help keep the cold out during winter they may also prevent condensation buildup on your windows, which may help reduce mould and mildew spreading through your home.

The lighter the colour the shutter, the more it will reflect heat away from your home. So if you want your shutter primarily to reduce heat coming into your home than you should consider going for a lighter colour.


Your window furnishing can increase the safety of your home. Electric roller shutters can offer weather protection against rain, high winds and flying debris, fire protection against radiant heat and airborne ashes and provide privacy and visual deterrent against forced entry.


No matter what window furnishing you choose you should get a professional to install it to get maximum results. For electric roller shutters you will need a licensed electrician.This will ensure your shutters work correctly, last a long time, and keep you and your family safe. 

Environmental and economical impact

Window furnishings are often non recyclable and some can off-gas possibly putting volition organic compounds or VOCs into your home and polluting your indoor air quality. Electric roller shutters are mostly aluminum which can be recycled. As they are installed on the outside of your home, they cannot affect the air quality of your home.They are also built to last so you are saving both the environment and your wallet.

Ease of use

Some window furnishings are easier to use than others. Electric roller shutters can now operate via wall switch, remote, phone or even voice control. The ease of use means that gone are the days where shutters where often per mantle down due to the inconvenience of manual opening and shutting. With such easy use you can control the light in your house as the sun progresses through the sky, maintains a maximum effect for noise, heating and cooling and security.


Quality window furnishing that last a long time will cost more than cheap imitations. When choosing your electric roller shutter take into consideration the quality, the installation provided (of electrical is included or not) and where the product is made. Then consider the price compared to cheaper imitations or DIY options. The option that is a little more expensive, but offers full measure and installation, and a quality product, will probably cost you less in the long run.