Best Engineering Universities in the World


  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (United States Of America)
  • Stanford University! (United States Of America)
  • University Of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  • Swiss Federal Institution of Technology (Zurich)
  • University of California (United States Of America)
  • Summing It Up!

Choosing the best engineering University in the world is often considered to be extravagant. However, if you have the finances then going for exceptional education and luxury care has nothing wrong in it. Nevertheless, taking such a decision without doing a proper study of your options can backfire in the long run. Many institutes in the world have strong criteria for dissertations when graduation. If this is keeping you from pursuing your dream University then you need to stop worrying. You can benefit from our law thesis writing service UK and the best dissertation writing help in the world. 

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States of America) 

Ranking on the top position for the best engineering universities in the world MIT has a very strong criteria when it comes to enrolling students. With a passing ratio of only 6.7% meaning only 7 out of 100 students get enrolled. The institute charges a handsome amount of $26,000 per semester. Although this is significantly less than other institutes of the world, but the selection criteria is so narrow that many students get rejected. Through their rigorous selection criteria MIT has maintained its reputation as the best institute in the world for engineering. 

  1. Stanford University! (United States of America) 

The second best institute in the world opens its admission only in the first week of December. With its engineering department housing 3,444 students Stanford manages a strict selection criteria of only 10% students. Therefore, getting accepted at this University is no joke! Their admissions department requires a robust essay from students explaining why they want to pursue their academics from Stanford. The tuition fee for Stanford is a bit less than MIT standing at $53,000 per year for engineering master’s program. 

  1.  University Of Cambridge (United Kingdom) 

Becoming an engineer requires a sharp mind on the shoulder, an intriguing personality, and a robust university that can uplift your learning curve. The University of Cambridge is the best place for you if you want to save money and learn from the best. Compared to other top universities mentioned in our list UoC is relatively cheaper for engineering students. However, the institute does not compromise on its teaching credibility. 

  1. Swiss Federal Institution of Technology (Zurich)

If you are looking for a good-paying job in the field of engineering, then completing your master’s degree from Zurich is the best option. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world that offers high salaries to its engineering graduates. You will definitely be intrigued by their teaching style as it is very different from other universities. Swiss federal university is one the cheapest institute to study engineering as its annual fee is around $1670. Indian Students university can enjoy a beautiful location to study and pay their examination fee of up to $840. 

  1. University of California (United States of America)

The University of California has 10 campuses all over the state of California. However only 7 of these campuses are members of Association of American Universities. The institutes per semester fee within the state is up to $14,000 while out of state fee is around $43,000. Founded in 1868 University of California has completed 152 years in the academic world and its engineering alumni have an average salary of $66,600 per year! Lastly University of California opens its admission in the month of November every year. 

Summing It Up! 

No matter what institute you choose your future depends on your law dissertation assistance. Sure many institutes give you a boost in your career. However, many graduates from the top universities are still waiting for employment. The proof of your academic learning and the knowledge you acquired is reflected through your dissertation topic. So make sure you choose your dream institute because if you have to bear the pressure of writing a dissertation, best be it from your favorite University! 

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