What Is The Essence Of Indian Wear? Points For The Young Generation

Men always choose to wear shirts and T-shirts over everything no matter what the occasion is. They are known to be lazy when it comes to styling and trying trends so why not try Indian wear by going out of trend? Indian wear makes the look perfect and makes everyone look smart. Indian wear is the intimate beauty creator. Here we’ve listed how Indian wear enhances the beauty of a person and makes them look absolutely smart and handsome. Read on to find out the tricks and ways to look stylish in Indian wear.

Indian Outfits Make You Look Elegant

Indian outfits create some magic. You’ve noticed sometimes that whenever you wear Indian outfits they make you look smart and get you compliments more than you expected. It is not just about compliments but it is about comfort and your whole look. It gets you both after all. The magic which you get after wearing an Indian outfit is just great and unmatchable.

Men always choose shirts and casual tees over Indian but no, you are lowering the bar for yourself. From weddings to Indian theme parties wear Indian wear to get the best of your look. If you are not comfortable trying the Indian outfit try plain Indian wear like wearing some random stylish kurta for men and later on shifting for the best and classy one.


Pairing always works. Mixing and matching also works as wearing by matching all the other essentials and dressing in the same make you look amazing. The magic here means the essentials which you need to pair with the outfit which you are wearing and in which you are carrying yourself. The one basic rule for wearing not only just Indian outfit but every other outfit is the way you carry yourself.

You should always know the art of carrying. The way of walking, the way to style, and the way to talk by acting classy. Do not pretend and fake anything. Deciding the magic for yourself is the accessories that go with the outfit and later on the footwear. Both have a major role and impact on the outfit as they decide your whole look. If you wear any footwear with the outfit without matching it then it creates the wrong and lesser impact.

Try the style of mixing and matching. Try wearing which goes perfectly with the outfit. Wear mojari, jutties, shoes, lakhnavi footwear, sandals, and much more footwear according to the outfit. Talking about the accessories- always wear something with the outfit to complete the look. Whether a dupatta or brooch, chain around the neck, bracelet, watch, or anything according to your preference.

What Can Be Worn As Indian Wear:

This is the common confusion among men as nobody is able to figure out what to wear and when. How to sort it out. My personal advice is to sort it out according to the theme. If there is no theme wear anything among the ones which are listed below and have the stylish look which you were lacking in by wearing he shirts and casual tees.

These are some kurtas that can be counted and relied on when out really wants to try or has to wear an Indian outfit:


 Embroidered kurtas are the most preferred kurta among men as they are simple and put a lot of impact on the audience. Pair the kurta with a pyjama, dhoti, or some traditional pants by keeping the contrast in mine. Try wearing some accessories if your kurta is a little heavy go for chains or bracelets. But if the kurta is little light go for a dupatta so that you can look stylish. Take care of footwear as well.


Plain classic kurta is the best choice when you are newly trying something Indian. Go for it without paying attention to your thoughts. Try some beautiful colors and wear the kurta by pairing it with the best contrast bottom wear and footwear to have the best look. You can also try pairing the right accessory with the outfit to get the best of your look. You can pair the classic plain kurta with jeans. So, buy jeans for men online and enjoy the stylish look.


Mirror work kurtas are the best wedding outfit as they are comfortable and on other hand, give that stylish look that you lack in every other look. If you are looking for a wedding outfit just go for it without giving it a thought. Select the best shade and enjoy the best look.


Is it a farewell? Or a normal function somewhere and if you are looking for something stylish yet simple to wear then you should go for this one. Select the best print from the printed kurta, wear them with contrasting pants, and rock your look.


Indian wear is so underrated I don’t know why. People do not choose this but they choose to wear shirts instead. The thing is every outfit has its own individual essence. You need to figure it out and get the right outfit for you. Wear the Indian dress to see the magic and rock your look.