Facebook Marketplace: What Brands Need to Know 

You never know where you could run into clients who are trying to make a transaction as a business owner. 

Knowing about new sales channels is always a good idea for companies. After all, the key to running a successful business is to diversify your sources of income. 

By opening up shop on multiple platforms, you may increase your consumer base and generate more revenue. Because of this, Facebook Marketplace Course can be a wonderful place to put goods for sale. 

What is Facebook Marketplace? 

Facebook Marketplace is an online store where both individual users and companies can list products for sale. Marketplace is frequently used by platform users to advertise pre-owned goods for sale, including furniture, electronics, and apparel. However, businesses are also becoming more prevalent there. 

Facebook Marketplace is a well-liked location to sell household goods and retail items in addition to real estate and automobiles. You can even find renters for your homes there. For instance, you might offer your office space, flats, or rental homes on Marketplace if you need to find renters. 

You may use Marketplace to increase the visibility of your online store on Facebook. It’s a terrific approach to increase your clientele, especially if you want to boost sales in your neighbourhood. 

How Does Facebook Marketplace Work? 

So how exactly does Facebook Marketplace operate? 

Users on the platform can browse for and buy things listed for sale on Facebook’s Marketplace from both individual users and companies.

Enter “apartment” in the search field on the left side of the Facebook Marketplace dashboard to get started. 

We immediately receive a list of outcomes in various pricing ranges. You’ll see that the one and only search criteria we have limits our findings to apartments that are located 49 km or less from Sydney. 

It is possible to further filter the outcomes. You have the option of sorting by place, distance, price range, method of delivery, state, listed date, and flat availability. Users can even narrow their search to a particular neighbourhood if they so choose. 

Users can put products for sale and specify prices on Facebook Marketplace. In the event of previously owned items or more expensive listings like real estate, it is also feasible to request a best offer price from customers. 

For simple searching, items can be explored by category. We’ll go over each of the 18 listing categories in a bit more detail down the page. 

Users can also set up buy and sell groups where they can connect with people looking for specific things. 

How to List Individual Items for Sale on Facebook’s Marketplace 

Individual things can be easily listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Let’s examine its operation. 

1. On the left side of the Marketplace screen, click Create New Listing.

2. After that, select the listing type. You have the option of offering a house for sale or rent, a car for sale, or an item for sale on Facebook Marketplace. 

3. It’s time to enter the specifications after choosing an item to sell. You will be directed to a page on Facebook Marketplace where you may enter all the information about your listing, including a photo and other data. 

How to Fill In Your Facebook Marketplace Item Listing

4. It’s time to begin completing the listing. On the left side of your screen, you’ll find it. A preview will appear on the right side of the Facebook Marketplace dashboard as you enter the information. 

Following publication, you have the option to Boost the post. You can also choose to make the listing invisible to your Facebook friends.

Click the blue Next button on the bottom left of the screen when you’re through with this page. 

5. After that, Facebook Marketplace will present you with your delivery method options. The item is not eligible for shipment in this situation. 

Keep in mind that Facebook Marketplace does not permit shipping for sellers who do not already have a proven track record. It implies that in order to establish credibility on the platform, your company must first start selling locally through Facebook Marketplace. 

Click Next after choosing your desired delivery method.

6. Lastly, if you choose, FB Marketplace will provide a list of locations where you can cross-post your item. Click Publish once you’ve chosen the location where you want your content to appear. 

I’m done now! 

How Various Sellers Use Facebook Marketplace

There is no charge to sell for people who use Facebook Marketplace. However, Marketplace sellers who operate independently might not be viewed in the same light as companies that establish Facebook stores. 

Categories on Facebook Marketplace

There are 18 categories on Facebook Marketplace where products can be listed. Let’s dive in and see what they are. 


On Facebook Marketplace, clothing vendors can list both new and gently used items of clothing. For frugal buyers wishing to revamp their wardrobes, this is fantastic. It’s also great for people who need to clear up their closets.


Through the FB Marketplace, you can browse local classified ads. This is a terrific way to stay up to date with local listings without having to read every newspaper in your area. 


Electronics like computers, hardware, gaming consoles, TVs, audio systems, and even high-end sound gear can be listed for sale by sellers. Techies wishing to improve their equipment may find some excellent bargains here. 


You should list products like books, movies, and video games if you’re listing them under the Entertainment category. Blu-ray box sets, classic video games, and entire book series are all in demand. It would be a wonderful idea to look into this category if your company offers collectibles.

Can Businesses & Brands Sell on Facebook Marketplace? 

New features are currently being added to Facebook Marketplace, which is actively undergoing changes. Facebook’s Marketplace for Business, a brand-new service that isn’t yet accessible everywhere, is currently starting to roll out. 

On Facebook Marketplace, individuals can post items for sale. The platform is now making available for businesses the option to: 

  • Specify which items from your inventory are for sale.
  • Create a store using your company page as the foundation and add Marketplace as a sales channel (restricted eligibility)
  • Whether you directly publish things to Marketplace or not, advertise there.
  • Use Marketplace to show merchandise from your Page shop (restricted eligibility; checkout must be enabled in the Shop)

How to Add Marketplace as a Sales Channel for Your Shop 

Do you want to expand the sales channels for your Facebook shop by adding Marketplace? Let’s look at the procedure. 

First things first: if you have a shop, ensure checkout is configured. Facebook explains how to do it here. 

The BestSelf Co. store has checkout enabled, as you can see.

Users of Shopify must first set up, so if you manage a Shopify store, see here for instructions. Your Facebook Shop will simply handle the transaction of sending your payouts to you. Everything else will continue to be handled by Shopify as it always has been, including your order management and inventory. 

The Commerce Policies You Must Follow 

Sellers who list products on Facebook Marketplace are required to abide by both the Facebook Commerce Policies and the Community Standards. Here is a brief summary of what is contained in the Facebook resource, though you should carefully read it all. 

  • Alcohol and drugs, adult products, fluids or other biohazardous materials, medications and dietary supplements, medical equipment, healthcare products, stolen goods, items that encourage illegal activity (like counterfeiting money or illegal streaming), weapons, and a variety of other items are among the prohibited goods and listings.
  • Digital goods, subscriptions, or services cannot be sold on Facebook Marketplace by vendors.
  • The platform forbids the sale of goods that incite hatred, violence, or discrimination.
  • Any product that poses a health risk, such as recalled goods or unused cosmetics, is forbidden.
  • Products that breach the copyright of another party are prohibited.
  • Users cannot sell gift cards, coupons, or tickets to events on Facebook.

5 Best Practices for Selling on Marketplace 

There are some best practices you should be adhering to when listing your products on Facebook Marketplace. 

  1. Set reasonable rates for your goods. Make sure you do your study to find out how much things like yours are selling for. 
  2. Be ready to cope with remarks that are challenging. People might directly message you to express interest in something, then argue with you about the cost. 
  3. To ensure that buyers have a clear understanding of the items they are enquiring about, provide clear, high-quality photos with your advertisements. 
  4. When you write the descriptions for your item listings, be imaginative. Think about including search terms that people are likely to use, such as “gas grill” rather than “grill.” 
  5. React quickly when buyers

Final Thoughts 

If you sell real goods, Facebook Marketplace can be a great addition to your Facebook marketing plan. Before you begin, make sure you comprehend all of Facebook’s rules for managing a Shop or Marketplace for Business account.