5 Factors not to skip when looking for Student Accommodation in London

In the past couple of years, there has been a surge in international students looking to study abroad. During this time, many universities have been hiring new staff members who are responsible for helping these students settle into their new lives. The number of international students attending universities and colleges in London is continuing to grow every year due to the diversity of courses on offer and the promise of a fantastic London lifestyle. Many websites are now advertising their services online to international students, helping students locate everything they need to know about student accommodation in London.

You will need to figure out how much money you want to spend each month on your student accommodation in London depending on what you plan on doing during your time studying in England. Students are able to negotiate a cheaper price depending on where they want to live and how much money they have to spend.

Universities in London

London is home to hundreds of universities that offer courses in every subject imaginable. Some of the well-known universities and colleges in London are  University of London, Imperial College London, Kings College London, University of East London,  University of West London, London Metropolitan University, Middlesex University London, University of Greenwich, University of Roehampton London, London South Bank University, London College of Fashion, Royal Colleger of Art, etc. to name a few.

5 Factors not to skip when looking for Student Accommodation in London

Choosing to study at a university or college in London is an exciting time and if you make sure you plan everything carefully before leaving your home country, then it can be a very smooth transition into the lifestyle of an international student.

If you’re just visiting London for a short period of time then the best option for you is to stay in student halls. There are many options available; some university websites will give detailed information on the price of staying in one. Some of the things to consider when looking for Student Accommodation in London are:

1) Choose between student hall or private flat:

If you choose to stay in a student hall then you will have the opportunity to socialize with students from all over the world and share your culture. You can also opt for a private landlord where there are fewer restrictions and will be given more freedom. These are off-campus accommodations for students that are privately owned.  Private halls are dedicated only to the students and a whole bunch of students who live in a property with several additional amenities to enjoy. Whereas in a rented flat the amenities are limited and you may choose to live alone or in shared private rented accommodation. Student Halls offer more affordability, but be aware of extra fees applied by your landlord.

2) Room Sharing

It is possible to find accommodation with other students online without having to stay in student halls. You will need to register your details and find out the number of roommates with whom you will be sharing the flat.  The number varies from two to six and in some cases more depending on the space, and the budget. The room-sharing rented flats are available in the form of small studio apartments or 1 or 2 bedroom flats.   Having enough money to cover your accommodation before moving out to London is important.

3) Explore neighborhoods

When you are looking for student accommodation to stay in London, the first thing that would come to your mind is a neighborhood where you can get everything within a walking distance. You don’t want to spend time going from one place to another and spending extra money on commuting costs.  Knowing how far your university campus is from your accommodation can save you a lot of time and money. It will also help you in finding the right place for you. The neighborhood is an important factor that makes your accommodation suitable for you or not.  Explore the neighborhoods and check for supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, healthcare centers, walk-in clinics, etc. apart from the distance of your university.

4) Guarantors

If you are looking to rent a student flat, make sure there is someone who can act as a guarantor. This is a person that agrees to take responsibility for your rent as you don’t have a job yet. A guarantor has to be someone who also lives in the UK. In short, they are ready to pay your rent, in case you fail to pay the weekly or monthly rent to the landlord. minimum wage per month. A Guarantor can be any person who has been earning more than the minimum wage and is an adult over 18 years of age. He/ she should never have been bankrupt.  You need to enter into a legal contract with the Guarantor with limited financial liability as mentioned in the contract. Landlords generally prefer a company or UK-based guarantors.

5) Your Budget

Finally,  when you are looking for student accommodation in London, you need to think about your budget and what is affordable for you. Make sure that you check with several landlords and negotiate the price in order to get a reasonable rent.  Here, your negotiation skills come into the picture and you need to be very cautious in order to get a nice place at a reasonable price.

So, when you are looking for student accommodation in London, all these factors need to be considered in order to have an easier experience. Getting an informed decision is important and knowing what suits your needs is important before moving out to London. There are many international students living in London who enjoy their stay by finding the right accommodation with ease.