October 5, 2022

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Facts and figures about MBBS in Kyrgyzstan in 2022

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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Medicines can cure diseases, but doctors can cure patients. Doctors are an integral part of our life thus having a responsibility to save citizens of a particular country. The doctor’s most suitable course will be MBBS. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. One of the universities could be named Kyrgyz State Medical Academy and many others. As Kyrgyzstan is one of the most important universities for MBBS Abroad.

As students need quite in-depth knowledge for the candidates, Kyrgyzstan has gained the eligibility to provide the correct knowledge to the students. Many benefits of the country include quality education, experienced faculties, and recognition of courses by various organizations.

More about Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is one of the best education hubs for candidates from various countries. As a country of tremendous facilities with a great educational structure, the country had successfully attracted interested participants from all over the World. The University such as Kyrgyz State Medical University is one of the best options for applicants from all over the World. The country has a student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1 for every classroom. The country also has a clear record for taking more than 5,000 admissions in the country.

More about the advantages of courses

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most preferred countries for MBBS Abroad due to numerous reasons. The benefits are –

Recognition of the course

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan could be recognised by various organizations such as WHO(World Health Organization), FAIMER(Foundation of Advancement for International Medical And Educational Research) and NMC(National Medical Commission). The courses have also been recognised by European and Indian hospitals.


The span of the MBBS course is a total of 5 years with 1 year of internship for the students. Having a great educational need the course has a total of 10 semesters in the course. Practical learning in clinics and laboratories is taught after 1st year. The internship is focused on pratical learning rather than theoretical learning.

Low-Cost fee

The low-cost tuition fee with affordable living is a major factor for the students and their guardians. Having one of the most respected education systems with low-cost education is a major advantage for the students. In universities such as Osh-State Medical University fee can be seen as a triggering point for the students. Universities had already provided scholarships for the students.

Experienced Teachers

The faculties are quite experienced in the country having great knowledge about their course. Instructors can provide better understanding to the students at their best. An experienced teacher can help the students to clear all the barriers in their path.

The living condition

The living conditions is also suitable for students from all over the World. Having a great living facility could sigh relief for the students and guardians at its best. Living conditions include benefits such as sanitized and ventilated rooms, high-speed internet and furnished goods. Universities also include a high-tech security system CCTV Surveillance and 24×7 guards. The mess is sanitized and also provides Indian food to the Indian students.

About some universities in Russia

Few universities in Kyrgyzstan is –

  • Kyrgyz State Medical University
  • Osh State Medical University

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

The university was founded in 1939 in the city of Bishkek(which is also the national capital of Kyrgyzstan). Kyrgyz State Medical Academy ranks 7th in the country and 8185th rank in the World. The university has major courses such as dentistry, pediatrics, general medicine, and nursing. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy fee is 4,500$ per year for 6 years with an accommodation charge of 600$ per year.

Osh State Medical University

This university was founded in 1951 in the city of Osh. Osh is one of the most preferred destinations in the country. Osh State University MBBS fee is 3,200$ per year for 6 years with accommodation costs of 500$ per year. The university also has a great ranking in the country. The university has 8th ranking in the country and 8915 in the World.

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