Types Of Fashionable Men’s Shirts

A shirt is a basic element for a man, personally, I can find a wide variety of the ones I already have and the ones I would like to have, it is a garment with which you can show elegance even in a casual way, you can show personality or be more arranged without so much effort.

When doing a bit of research I found that this piece is one of the oldest garments, it has undergone changes over time, however, the essence remains the same. It is currently worn by men and women, for your better understanding Sainly want to delve into what types of men’s shirts you can find, how to combine them, a bit of joint history and some tricks I’ve learned along the way.

The origin of the shirt

Starting with historical data, the origin of the men’s shirt can be found in the first recorded shirt, found in Egypt in the funerary trousseau of an architect more than 3,500 years ago, said The shirt was made of linen and white. 

It was cut in a rectangular shape from the torso and with a small opening for the head, the sleeves were very fitted. This garment was found in similar forms in cultures such as the Romans and the Greeks, the latter wearing it more underneath their clothing.

What history can confirm is that this was an element that was mainly developed for men, in addition to the formality that comes with it, especially in white, since it was used mainly by senior officials, at the same time as serving as gifts between dignitaries and church figures.

The basics, the white shirt

Proving that a white shirt, no matter how basic it may seem, is also a great element to show style, The secret of white shirts is that you have to invest a little more in one that is quality. 

The white colour shows a lot of details, so in order to wear it in a good way, the first recommendation is to dedicate a little more to it in terms of budget. Another tip is to always send it to the dry cleaner, it helps to better preserve the colour, and when it is freshly ironed it gives a very good appearance.

If we are going for something more casual, you can opt for some short-sleeved men’s shirts in a more relaxed fabric and white colour, it is also a great selection to add an extra layer to what you wear. Imagine a t-shirt, some dark jeans paired with boots and a fresh short-sleeved shirt on top, it is a simple but extremely effective outfit, and if your style allows it, a chain or something simpler like clockwork. Layers are always an element that helps elevate your style.

How to wear a men’s overshirt

Speaking of layering, men’s long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts can be worn over sweaters, plain t-shirts, or a sleeveless undershirt. These options are to give a more casual or semi-formal image, there have been quite a few occasions in which I have combined a black shirt with several coloured shirts, especially I have a green flag, very simple that I think with black boots like the Frederick Black and black pants are a very good combination. 

Now they also exist in the types of shirts for men in fashion, the overshirts, these have exactly the same purpose, to put on top and create layers, the difference between one and the other is simply the fabric, the overshirt is thicker and serves more for cold places.

Tips for using fashionable men’s shirts

The types of shirts that you should first opt ​​for are: initially a white shirt in which you have invested. Second, men’s long-sleeved shirts in some dark tones, whether blue, green or black, are easy to combine and easy to maintain, Zara has good options. And finally, for special occasions or to change from time to time, a shirt with a long-sleeved print, they can be semi-formal and casual, they can be striped (specifically thin ones work better) or plaid, you can choose it more to your style. 

After mastering these basics you can continue with a black short-sleeved shirt, it is a great option to start experimenting with short-sleeved layers, and then you can go for more prints, different collars and different combinations.

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