Top Features for Doctor- On- Demand apps

Doctor-On-Demand apps are gaining popularity within a short span of time.

The reason behind their popularity can be traced by breaking down these words into two : Doctors and On-demand.

The On-demand word with food, taxi and other services are making a prominent move across the world and Doctors are not an exception to it. 

All the individuals adore the services which they get On-demand and these instant services which provide satisfaction at a rapid rate.

These instant services called out for more innovation and that’s when the doctors can be called on-demand based on the needs and requirements of the patients and at their convenient time. 

Getting the services of the Doctors on-demand is something of high importance if we talk specifically about this year. 

Nowadays, everything is available at the comfort of the homes. All thanks to the Doctor-On-Demand app which is making revolutionary changes by providing the healthcare services virtually. 

Let’s discuss the core of the article 

Features which are to be included in Doctor-On-Demand app 

There are several features which are associated with the Doctor-On-Demand app. But here in this article we will be discussing only those features which makes them popular and which are of high importance. 

Allow patients to connect with Doctors in one tap 

The main and the most crucial feature which needs to be included in the Doctor- On- Demand app is permitting the patients to get connected with doctors on a single tap.

Whether the patients are expecting the doctors to get proper assistance for their major health issues or for their routine checkups. They can connect with doctors instantly.

They can just click on the screens and connect instantly with doctors to discuss their health problems. 

Patients get connected with the doctors through live chats and even video calls, even have the assistance of the top doctors.

Working in the initial stages of healthcare start-ups , the business owner must include other important features for building Doctor-On-Demand apps. 

Big Network of Licensed and Professional Doctors

A big network of licensed and professional doctors which are available 24/7 is the must have feature in Doctor-On-Demand app. 

Such a vast network facilitates the patients where they get the chance to make choices from the best and professional doctors by category. 

The patients can even search for the doctors and physicians of their choice from different categories which are available and the app can connect the patients to the doctors which they chose to get the online consultation and services within a few minutes. 

The healthcare startups have their own plans to develop such mobile apps like Uber for doctors which ensures that the patients get a fair chance to make a choice of their doctors. 

Maintain health history at a single place 

Mostly all the apps blooming in this sector facilitates patients to keep their medical documents and procure them at a single place. 

In the Doctor-On-Demand app the patients are given to secure their medical data and previous prescription and consultation which can be shared with the doctors and can be kept in their current health records. 

In such a way, patients can even add the past medical conditions, records, situations and even the surgeries and medications which can be more appealing and the future consultation can be made even by looking down at the past prescriptions and consultation of the doctors. 

They can even add other health conditions with proper categories and it might also include the healthcare issues with prescriptions. 

In simple words it can be said that the patients can be allowed to maintain all their medical data and records at a single place which can eventually be looked by the physicians as and when required.

The health history and its features are to be taken into consideration in doctor booking apps. 

Concluding statements 

As we discussed the essential and the most important features which are to be included while developing the Doctor-On-Demand app. 

If you know the online Doctor app for the healthcare start-up. This year is the perfect beginning at least for such healthcare apps as health is the major issue which has been highlighted at a high rate.

Even the growth of virtual consultation appears to get much popularity with time as according to it was expected to grow at a CAGR 7.6%  during the period of forecast between 2019-2026.

Moreover, the virtual healthcare market is likely to rise and it will even continue to generate massive revenue accounting more than $3.5 billion by the year 2022 with a CAGR of 49.8% during the forecast period.

After reading the article, the business owners must have gained enough confidence that their Doctor-On-Demand is likely to make remarkable marks in the market. 

All the apps not only Doctor-On-Demand but the apps which work on the functionalities for health and wellness of the individual will get major traction of the individuals.

About the Author 

Parth Patel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of SyS Creations which is a top Long-term care home solutions provider. Operating the IT Infrastructure of SMEs and startups keeps him on his toes and his passion for helping others keeps him motivated.

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